Vivastreet Contact Number

What issues do Vivastreet Customer Services deal with?

The Vivastreet Customer Service team deal with different issues and queries on a daily basis. You can contact them anytime from Monday – Friday 8am until 7pm, with any query including:

  • Information on posting an ad with them
  • Information about the rules on posting ads. For example what not to include or NSFW content
  • How to delete and repost ads you have previously uploaded
  • Information on scams and how not to fall for them on their website
  • Doubts about an ad you have seen

What does Vivastreet do?

Vivastreet are a free classified ads site. Meaning that you need an account to view and upload ads to their website for other users to view and respond to. They are the 2nd largest ad site in the UK, and they operate in Europe, North and Latin America, and Australasia. The company is owned by W3 LTD, who also run and own the company Easy Roomate. They have been in operation since 1999 and are based in the Channel Islands.

You can place any advert on the Vivastreet website, including:

  • Jobs. Anything from newspaper rounds to managerial roles can be places on Vivastreet.
  • Cars. Including lorries, motorbikes, boats, and car parts.
  • Services. This site is perfect if you’re a white van man, an interpreter, a therapist or a lawyer. If you’re self employed you can advertise your services on Vivastreet.
  • Clothing. From shoes to dresses and hats, items of clothing are frequently for sale on the website.
  • Personals. Looking for a partner? You can place ads looking for dates or a significant other to settle down with.
  • Adult Services. Escorts, cam girls, and adult entertainment can be legally places on the website as well, and services as London escorts US and UK, are one of the most popular sexual services.

Posting an Ad and Premium Ads

After making an account on the website, which can be done by clicking the “register” button on the Vivastreet account page, you can start placing and replying to ads. To create and post an advert, click the “post a free classified” orange button in the top corner of your account page. Then follow the simple instructions given to you on the screen and there you have it! A brand new classified ad for other users to see and reply to.

The “featured ad” option on your listing is a paid service offered by Vivastreet, in which you can pay for your ad to be listed above any free ads on the rest of the website from 3 – 30 days. You’ll see an option to place a featured ad on the page after you’ve clicked the option to make a listing. Once you’ve clicked on featured ad, you can then pay for it to be a featured ad on the main listings page.

Prohibited Ads

Vivastreet do have a number of prohibited items that you’re not allowed to place for sale on their website. Some of these are pretty straight-forward. For example, weapons, alcohol and drugs, any job without clear specification, and exotic animals including turtles. You can read the extensive list of prohibited items on the Vivastreet website.

Staying safe on Vivastreet

Despite the site only hosting classified ads, there can still be quite a lot of spam adverts, and ads to lure you into spending more money than you have to. Be weary of people selling illegal items and items that are a lot cheaper than their recommended retail price. You should also be cautious of ads written in bad English and those obviously photo shopped, as this could hide issues with the item or service they’re trying to provide. Those wishing to buy anything posted on Vivastreet should also be aware that no-one should be asking for payments in advance, or arranging viewings with part payments – before you decide to purchase the goods or services they are offering. Always be vigilant when looking into potential listings.

If you suspect that there is an item or service on Vivastreet which breaks its policies on listings, you can call the number above and they will look into the listing for you. If they find it to be violating its terms and conditions, they can and will terminate the listing and ban or suspend users without warning.

Vivastreet Campaign

Vivastreet have accounts on the majority of social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. They regularly post articles on how to maximize your ads potential and how to become a great business planner over on their website. As well as this, they have just released a new TV advert, showing a great range of their…services. You can watch the ad below.