Virgin Media Cancellation Phone Number

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0345 454 1111

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Virgin Media is a telecom, broadband and TV provider. In 2006 Virgin Media was created due to the merger of Telewest and NTL, then another merger with Virgin Mobile. Today, Virgin Media owns and operates a fibre-optic cable network. In 2012 Virgin Media had more than 5 million customers across the country using the TV services and cables.

Virgin Media Cancellation Phone Number

Virgin Media Department Opening Hours
Customer Services 7 days a week,
TV Cancellations 7 days a week,
Broadband Cancellations 7 days a week,
Phone Cancellations 7 days a week,
Cancellation Fees 7 days a week,
Complaints 7 days a week,

 Virgin Media Customer Services

There are many reasons you may feel you would like to contact the Virgin Media customer services team such as if you would like to inquire about cancelling your contract before actually cancelling, to find out how much it would cost to cancel your contract, to find out how long you have left on your contract, you need assistance logging into your Virgin Media account, you would like to change your package or you have some other questions for the Virgin Media customer services team.

Virgin Media TV Cancellations

When you call up to cancel your TV contract with Virgin Media you will be offered a deal or discount on your package as they will want to keep your custom. If you do not want any of the deals offered to you, you can just insist on cancelling and they will inform you of your cancellation fee. If you would still like to cancel once you know the cancellation fee a member of the Virgin Media team will bill you the cancellation cost, cancel your contract and arrange for a member of their team to come and collect the TV box from your home.

Virgin Media Broadband Cancellations

You may be offered a discount on your current broadband package but if you do not want to stay with Virgin Media you can do so by denying the discount and a member of the team will tell you how much it will be to cancel your contract. If you’re okay with paying the cancellation fee you will be billed and your contract will be cancelled, a member of the team will organise to collect the broadband box.

Virgin Media Phone Cancellations

The Virgin Media Phone Cancellations team deals with mobile and landline cancellations. Virgin Media landline is usually bought with broadband and you can call either the broadband or phone cancellations team to inquire about cancelling either one or both at the same time.If you have a Virgin Media mobile phone you may have to pay off the rest of the money you owe for the phone if you want to keep it when you cancel your contract on top of the cancellation fee. If you want to find out how much your cancellation fee is, how much you would have to pay to keep your phone or you want to completely cancel the services get in touch with the Virgin Media Phone Cancellation team.

Virgin Media Cancellation Fees

When you cancel your Virgin Media contract whether it is a broadband, TV or phone contract if you still have time left until your contract is up you will have to pay a cancellation fee. Virgin Media do not have a fixed cancellation rate and each cancellation fee is different depending on what type of contract you have, how much you pay monthly and how long left on the contract you have.

Virgin Media Cancellations Complaints

If you would like to complain about the Virgin Media cancellation process, the cancellation fee, a member of the customer services team or another issue you have had with the company you can do so by calling the Virgin Media cancellations complaints team.

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