We all love to go on holiday. Whether it’s a staycation in Scotland, a summer holiday to Spain or a long haul family holiday to Florida, it’s an important aspect of our lives. Not only that, but we often rely on travel companies just to get around in our everyday lives. If you commute by rail in a morning, get the bus to your friends after work or call a cab after a night of partying, there may come a time when you need to contact the representatives of a company, be it for a complaint or query.

When going on holiday, it can feel as if you need to ask your airline or tour operator a billion questions before you are ready to go. Things can also go wrong- you may need to change the name on the booking, add an extra suitcase for your wife’s new holiday wardrobe or change the time of your flight. Particularly in today’s climate, the Foreign Office could have advised against travel to your destination and you need to change it. The quickest way to solve any queries with your holiday booking is to call the airline or travel company directly. Unfortunately, for some reason they often seem to bury their contact number somewhere within their website, preferring to dodge any questions with a ‘live chat’ function. Luckily, we have sought out the phone numbers for such travel companies, as we believe that if you are worried about your holiday, the most reassuring thing for you to do is to speak to a human being who can help you.

So, if you are travelling with Eurostar and you notice that the tunnel will be closed on the date that you travel, we have their contact number. If your bus didn’t turn up this morning and you were late to work, we have the First Bus contact number. If you’ve booked to go to Tunisia and you need to speak to the tour operator, we have the number for Thomsons, Airtours and Ebookers.

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