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0333 014 5111

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Total Jobs is a UK job advertisement website which was founded in 1999. The website launched a salary checker tool in 2010 which allows you to calculate the wage of a specific job and in 2014 they launched a mobile app that gives you notifications for jobs and allows you to save, search and apply for jobs. Total Jobs is apart of the TotalJobs Group which is made up of six recruitment sites and houses 15.5 million job seekers. Total Jobs has won multiple awards including the best niche job board at the Sitecore awards in 2010 and best use of mobile at the OnRec awards.

Total Jobs Contact Numbers:

Total Job Opening Hours
Customer Services Monday – Friday
8am to 6pm
Jobseeker Monday – Friday
8am to 6pm
Salary Checker Monday – Friday
8am to 6pm
Recruiter Monday – Friday
8am to 6pm
Career Monday – Friday
8am to 6pm
Complaints Monday – Friday
8am to 6pm

Total Jobs Customer Services

You can get in touch with the Total Jobs customer services team if you would like to report an issue with applying for a job, to report an issue creating a job advert, if want to report a billing issue, you would like advice about recruitment requirements, you want to know more about the term and conditions of using the Total Jobs website, you want to know who has access to your details or you want to know more about the company and its services.

Total Jobs Jobseeker

If you are recently out of a job, you’re thinking of a career change or you want to see what other jobs are available in your industry you can use the TotalJobs online services to explore job options for you. Looking for a job with TotalJobs is really easy all you need to do is enter what job you would like and where you would like it and it will give you hundreds of search results relating to the job you entered. You can even set up a targeted alert that will email you every time a new job in your area and profession becomes available as well as allowing you to apply in less than a minute with your saved settings. You can upload your CV to not just find employers but be found by employers who are searching for people with your skill set.

Salary Checker

The TotalJobs salary checker is an online tool that allows you to enter what job you have, where about in the UK you work and how much you earn, once you have entered this information you will be able to compare who much you’re earning compared to what other companies in your industry are offering. You can use the TotalJobs salary checker if you are thinking of having a career change, you are worried you are not being paid enough for the work you do or you are having a salary review and you want to make sure you have the facts about what you could be earning elsewhere in the industry.

Total Jobs Recruiter

If you are an employer and you are interested in using the TotalJobs recruiting services you can explore their job advertisement options on the recruiter website. If you would like a 6-week ad that is shown on both TotalJobs and Jobsite you can buy the Job ad+ for £149 (if you’re new to TotalJobs you can get an offer for the first Job ad+ you make and it will only cost £74). If you are only looking for a 7-day job advert you can buy the Job Ad Lite option which is £99 and offers a hassle-free service.

Total Jobs Career

If you would like to work for Total Jobs you can go to their careers website to find out more about working for the TotalJobs Group. The TotalJobs Group employs nearly 450 people in the UK in 7 locations in the UK. There are multiple departments you can work for in the TotalJobs Group such as central support, customer care, leadership team, marketing, sales, technology. You can check vacancies on the website as well as apply for a job you see.

Total Jobs Complaints

If you feel you need to complain about the Total Jobs services or team members you can get in touch with the Total Jobs complaints team. If you have had problems with applications or employers advertising on the site or a member of the Total Job team being unhelpful or rude to you, you can file a complaint. Once you have filed a complaint you may be contacted with an update and you can ask to find out more about what actions have been taken regarding your complaint.

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