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0843 557 3815

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Looking for the Saga contact number? so they can explain  to you how health insurance deductibles work. Those aged over 50 can find insurance packages from the company Saga. It serves 2.7 million customers across the United Kingdom with insurance for travel, health, medical care and much more. We have the Saga Insurance contact number available for you if you have comments or questions about their insurance policies.

Why Might I Call The Saga Contact Number?

Here are some of the reasons you may wish to speak to call the Saga insurance number and speak to a professional customer service representative from Saga:

  • I would like to take out a policy with Saga
  • I want to cancel my policy
  • I require more details about one of Saga’s insurance policies
  • I need to amend details on an existing policy
  • Find out more information about a policy before you take it out
  • I have an pre-existing medical condition that I need to discuss with a representative
  • I want to make a claim
  • I have a complaint about Saga

Information About Saga Car Insurance

sagaSaga provides an award winning car insurance service with a five star rating from the industry magazine Which. Comprehensive cover from Saga costs just £117 per year. This insurance policy includes uninsured driver cover in case a driver hits you who does not have insurance. It will also cover a replacement car after an incident, cover for an emergency driver, and theft of up to £1000 worth of personal belongings. The comprehensive cover also allows you to drive in the EU at no extra cost and provides with a discount on insurance for any other cars listed at your address. Call Saga for more reasons why you should join Saga’s car insurance policy.

Claim advisors work for saga 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be provided with a dedicated number to call in the event of an accident or collision. Most customers will not have to complete written forms or obtain estimates as the Saga comprehensive cover provides this in the cost of the package.

Details About Saga’s Health Insurance Policy

For more than 25 years, Saga has been providing top quality health insurance to people over the age of 50. Health insurance helps cover a private service outside of the NHS that allows customers a greater choice about where you will be treated, when you will be treated and by whom you will be treated. It helps you get a quicker referral to a consultant and access to private treatment. You can also get private rooms and unrestricted viewing hours.

Saga has four different health plans to cover the cost of private health care: Support, Saver Plus, Secure and Super. Each package covers different things at an increasing cost, from home nursing and ambulance transport to chemotherapy and major dental work. You will need to call Saga Customer Services to find out which is best for you. You can also speak to a Saga representative about other add-ons such as extended cancer cover and hypertension cover.

What You Need To Know About Saga Travel Insurance

passport-159592_640Saga travel insurance can cover you for several important things while you are away on holiday. The insurance covers 24-hour medical support including the cost of rescue services, ambulances, tickets to get home if you cannot use your existing one and a benefit towards incidental hospital expenses.

Customers who take out this form of instance will be able to contact a dedicated Saga Travel helpline instead of calling the usual Saga insurance contact number. You may wish to use this number if you require information about how to replace passports that have been stolen or lost, trace missing luggage and transfer money out of the country. It also has a translation service and guidance regarding local embassies.

This Saga insurance package comes with a claims service that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is run by a number of customer service representatives and does not have automated telephone menus.

To find out more, call Saga Insurance customer services.

Information About The Saga Home Insurance Packages

There are a range of different home insurance policies available from Saga. They include elements like £500,000 in buildings cover and addition cover such as Home Emergency and Legal Expenses. Call the Saga contact number to take out a policy today.

You can also choose to add on contents insurance that covers many home possessions up to £50,000 in value. There are three packages that you can choose from: Essential Cover, Essential Cover Plus and Premier Cover. The price for each increases to cover different elements such as broken household goods, broken mobile phones, protection for garden equipment and cover for furniture.

You can make a claim to Saga by calling the Saga Insurance claims number. They will be able to put you through to a 24 hour helpline that is open throughout the year. You can also find the direct line in the policy documents provided upon taking a claim out with Saga. As with all of their other policies, the claims team is run by a UK based staff to avoid automated menus.

A Background To the Saga Insurance Number

Saga serves the needs of those over the age of 50 in the UK, offering package holidays and tours as well as a variety of insurance products, including Motor, Home, Travel, Pet, Life as well as many others. They also offer Personal Finance services such as savings accounts, credit cards, travel money, to name but a few.

Saga has over 1.56 million insurance customers within the UK and they can be contacted at their UK based call centres. The call centres are based in Kent and Sussex and can offer support with policies and quotes. Ring Saga Insurance today if you have any queries regarding their services and one of the representatives will be happy to help you.

The current Executive Chairman is Andrew Goodsell, the CEO is Lance Batchelor and Stuart Howard is the Group Finance Director. Between them, they have over 35 years of experience of working within Saga.

Car & Motoring Expert Busts Car Insurance Myths

December 10th, 2013

The Telegraph’s car and motoring expert James Foxall recently put to rest those popular myths surrounding car insurance in his latest motoring column. Some of the myths may surprise you – going some way to show that not everything we read and hear about car insurance is true…

Contrary to mainstream belief, for example, your cover will not automatically be cheaper if you have done fewer miles on the road. By another logic, some insurers will see this as a reason to increase insurance as a driver who has done fewer miles will be less attuned to current driving conditions, and will therefore be more at risk of an accident than somebody who has covered greater distances.

Another startling notion is that some insurers may charge more if you keep your car locked safely in a garage at night (or when not in use). This is because of at theory that cars are in fact in more danger of being damaged whilst their owner is pulling them into a garage, as opposed to simply sitting outside.

And a higher voluntary excess does not always mean a lower premium. This differs for drivers of various ages and circumstances. A younger driver, for example, is often seen as a greater risk on the road and so an insurer may see any excess as only a fraction of a potential payout, and ignore it.

Finally, if you thought that the more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance, then think again. A car’s security is largely determined by its age, and older cars are seen as less secure than newer models. There is also a difference between a car’s face cost and its true value. Some cars may be worth more in their current owner’s hands, due to modification.

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