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Reed is a UK job recruitment site that was founded in 1995, it was the UK’s first job recruitment website. Every year they advertise jobs from over 25,000 employers in 42 different industries and every day they receive more than 160,000 applications for the jobs advertised on their website.

Other Reed Contact Numbers:

Reed Opening Hours
Customer Services 24 hours
7 days a week
Career Advice 24 hours
7 days a week
Jobs 24 hours
7 days a week
Recruiting 24 hours
7 days a week
Courses 24 hours
7 days a week
Complaints 24 hours
7 days a week

Reed Customer Services

You may need to contact the Reed customer services team for many reasons, if you would like to inquire about searching online for a job, you are having some problems logging into your account, you are struggling to upload your CV, you would like to know more about what happens when you upload your CV such as who has access to it, you want to know how to advertise for a vacancy, you want to register for an account or you have some alternative questions for the customer services team.

Career Advice

Reed offers online and telephone career advice for its job seekers.


If you are looking for a job Reed is definitely a website you should look at registering with. Many companies trust Reed to find them the best-qualified employees as possible and Reed has thousands of jobs on offer everyday. To apply for a job you must first upload your CV to their site and register as a user.


If you are a business who has some job vacancies and you would like to advertise your job opportunities with Reed you can do so by logging into your online account and setting up an advertisement for your job. To advertise your job you need to select the type of ad you would like to use they all cost differently depending on what you need, you then can post your job instantly, when someone applies you will receive a notification to your account inbox and finally using their applicant management tool you can rate and screen your candidates.

Reed Courses

Reed offers over 32,000 courses, online and on-site all over the country. These courses are sorted into categories such as academic, business and sales, health and care or even law. Once you have chosen a category you will be given a list of subjects and once you have chosen a subject you can look through the thousands of courses they have available for you to learn and develop your skills with. The courses Reed has available are to help you become more employable and to build your skills to open up career paths for you.

Reed Complaints

If you are unhappy with the service you have received from Reed such as if you were recruiting and you feel it was not as successful as you wanted it to be, you feel you have been charged too much for their service or you have received rude customer service from a member of their team you can file a complaint with the Reed complaints team. You can also call the complaints team if you were looking for a job on their website or using their course services and you feel they were not up to scratch or you have had a negative experience with them.

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