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0345 724 2424

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RBS is the Royal Bank of Scotland and it operates not only in the UK but across the world. RBS can be traced back to a small bank in 1700 and it now has more than 30 million customers. It is partly owned by the UK government as they bought a stake of the company in 2008. RBS was the first UK bank to offer online banking to its customers in 1997.

RBS Telephone Banking Numbers:

RBS Departments Opening Hours
Customer Services 24 hours a day,
7 days a week
Telephone Banking 24 hours a day,
7 days a week
Emergency Cash 24 hours a day,
7 days a week
Register 24 hours a day,
7 days a week
Online Banking 24 hours a day,
7 days a week
Complaints 24 hours a day,
7 days a week

RBS Telephone Banking Customer Services

There are many reasons you may need to get in touch with the RBS telephone banking customer services team including if you would like to know more about telephone banking, you would like to find out more about the company, you would like to open a bank account with RBS, you would like to apply for an RBS loan, you would like some assistance with your account, you need to report some suspicious activity in your account, you need to report that your credit or debit card has been lost or stolen, you would like some advice regarding your finances, you have some questions about RBS services or there is something else you would like to discuss with the customer services team you can do so by calling the RBS telephone banking customer services team.

RBS Telephone Banking Contact Number

There are many things you can do with telephone banking such as quickly pay your bills, have full control over your account, make an immediate bank transfer and many more things. To get in touch with the RBS telephone banking number, once you have called the number you can press 1 for self-service balances, payments, transactions and inquiries as well as for balance and account transactions & to hear your recent statement and balance. Press 2 for transfers and payments, to transfer money from one of your accounts to another, to pay an RBS credit card payment, pay a bill or person. You can press 3 to order a statement, chequebook or paying in book. Finally, you can press 4 if you would like to speak to a customer adviser.

RBS Telephone Banking Emergency Cash

If you find yourself stranded somewhere and you have lost your card or you have had your card stolen and you need access to your money you can call the RBS telephone banking emergency cash number. Once you have called the number you need to listen to the customer advisor as they will inform you of what you need to do, the advisor will cancel your card if it is lost or stolen and then to confirm your identity they will ask you some security questions. If you are a telephone banking or digital banking customer you will be allowed to take out £20 to £300, if you are not registered for one of these banking options you will be allowed to take out a maximum of £60. To access this money you will be given a 6 digit code to enter into a Tesco, NatWest or RBS atm within 3 hours of receiving the code. Once your card is cancelled you should receive a new one shortly.

RBS Register For Telephone Banking

To register for RBS telephone banking you need to have a personal, premier or business account. You can sign up for telephone banking by going to the digital banking area of the website as if you’re registered for digital banking you are automatically signed up for telephone banking. You will just need to provide your personal details as well as your banking details and some security questions to make sure they will know it’s you once you do start using the service. You can also call if you’re struggling to register online and they will assist you with your registration.

RBS Online Banking

If you do not like the RBS telephone banking service or you do not use the service but you would like an easy and fast way to manage your RBS account you can sign up to use the RBS online banking service. You can sign up to use the online banking service by going to the RBS website and selecting the digital banking area. With a digital banking account, you can manage your account 24 hours a day as well as transfer payments easily, send international payments, pay your bills, check your statements, check your account balance, track and manage your savings accounts and much more. You can sign up online or by calling the RBS online banking number, you can also call this number if you have forgotten your log in details or some personal details on your account are wrong and you would like to change them.

RBS Telephone Banking Complaints

If you have been experiencing some problems with the RBS telephone banking service or you have had a particularly bad experience with RBS you can file a complaint by calling the RBS telephone banking complaints number. You can file a complaint about anything that has made you unhappy regarding RBS such as bad customer service from a member of their staff, you asked for a money transfer and it was transferred to the wrong person or the wrong amount was transferred, an insecure account that led to fraud being committed against you, reporting a lost or stolen card and nothing being done about it or anything else you feel is unsatisfactory. You can call the RBS telephone banking complaints team.

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