Pay As U Go Car Finance Phone Number

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0151 523 3225

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Wouldn’t it be much easier to pay for your car in several monthly installments rather than a major one-off payment? Pay As You Go Car Finance runs a popular scheme allows you to do just that. It is run by a company based in the north west of the United Kingdom which provides a car finance scheme where you can get a car straight away and pay it off month by month.The popular pay as you go car finance scheme is intended to make the process quicker, more affordable and easier for people who may have poor or zero credit.

Why might I need to contact Pay As U Go Car Finance?

Here are some of the reasons you may wish to get in touch with Pay As You Go Car Finance:

  • Find out how much you might need to pay every month
  • Get car finance for a car
  • Enquire about whether you are applicable for financing
  • Discuss a problem you have with a payment
  • Report an issue you may be having

How does the pay as you go car finance scheme work?

Finance can be applied for through the Pay As You Go Car Finance website, you need to remember that you still have to keep on top of your monthly bills. Their easy form can be completed in just a few minutes time and the company will be quick to respond, letting you know whether you have or have not been successful in your application. Credit limits will vary with the highest being approximately £25,000 and the lowest being £2000. Meanwhile, the amount of interest paid will depend on your individual circumstances, which will be determined by the team at Pay As You Go Car Finance. Many dealers will sell the car and finance them immediately their own lots. you would possibly see a number of them being advertised with ‘we finance’ or other lines like “no credit, no problem”. once you plan to buy a car through a buy here pay here dealership, it’s likely that you simply are going to be asked to prove your income, also as providing some sort of residence proof, but the dealer won’t check your credit. Once the dealership determines the loan amount that you simply can qualify for, cars are going to be shown to you within that price range. You can find buy here pay here.

To apply for the car finance scheme you must have a UK driving licence, proof of your address and proof of affordability – so make sure you have your licence, a recent payslip and a bank statement or utility bill handy to prove all this information. Anyone can apply even if you have no credit history, poor credit or are usually rejected because, for instance, you are self employed.

If you cannot keep up with your payments Pay As U Go Car Finance may take action against you to prevent you from driving the car. In most instances, a black box will be installed on the vehicle which can remotely shut it down in the event that you have not been making your payments. If you are struggling, you should call Pay As You Go Car Finance as soon as possible.

How can I contact Pay As U Go Car Finance?

By Phone – Call them on the phone at 0151 263 1324

By Social Media – You can get in touch by Twitter and Facebook

By Email – You can send an email to

By Post – You can reach them at their address: 2-18 Breck Road, Liverpool, L4 2RA.

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