Parcel2go: Contact Number – 0843 557 1882

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Please note: These contact numbers are no longer in service. You can now speak to a member of the Parcel2Go team via their Live Chat, which can be found via their website


0843 557 1882

Parcel2go was founded in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of FAM Logistics. It was the first delivery company to base their service entirely online. The company sends over two million parcels per year. Parcel2Go is one of the biggest online parcel services provider in the UK and because of it, it is able to offer discounted prices and easy arrangements for delivery across the country. You can get in touch with the Parcel2go customer services team by calling 0843 557 1882.

Parcel2go Contact Numbers:

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 557 1882 Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm
Head Office 0843 557 1882 Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm
Complaints 0843 557 1882 Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm

Customer Services – 0843 557 1882

You can get in touch with the Parcel2go customer services team for many reasons. Some of the reasons you might need to contact them are: you want to track your parcel using the online tracker but you are unsure how, you would like to find out about their delivery charges, you are expecting a parcel to be delivered by Parcel2go and it has not arrived, you would like to make a complaint or an inquiry. Parcel2go has a range of services available for customers in the UK and USA through a network of partners including FedEx, Citylink and Yodel. These services include economy delivery through Hermes, Collect+ drop off service, Yodel 24 hours, TNT Express, Citylink Next Day, small van delivery and TNT 9am express. The services all vary in price but there is something to suit every need. You can inquire about these services by calling 0843 557 1882. If you want to send a parcel from the United Kingdom, you can compare prices at Parcel2Go and find discounted rates from various international couriers for parcels to be sent to Europe, Asia, USA and the rest of the world. By offering the comparison service, there is no need to request individual quotes from each of the delivery company websites. By being able to see the prices side by side, you know you will be getting the best price you can and the well-known and highly recommended couriers offered by the website means that you don’t have to panic about your parcel going awry- it will be in safe hands. You can also inquire about comparisons by contacting the customer services team.

Head Office – 0843 557 1882

The Parcel2go head office is located in Bolton and can be contacted if you would like more information regarding how Parcel2go’s services work, you would like to locate a depot or office, you would like to inquire about job availability or jobs in general such as what job opportunities they have or you want to report a complaint that you feel was not dealt with at a satisfactory level and you would like someone from the head office to investigate and take action. You can also make a complaint directly to the head office if you feel it is necessary such as if it is a very serious matter. To get in touch with a member of the head office staff you can call 0843 557 1882.

Complaints – 0843 557 1882

You can make a complaint to Parcel2go by calling 0843 557 1882, you will need to explain what it is you’re complaining about and if it is regarding damaged or broken parcels that have been delivered by their services you will need to provide photographic evidence of this and you may be able to receive some compensation for those items. Once you have explained what it is you are unhappy with a member of the team will take any details about the situation such as employee names or parcel tracking number and they will be able to investigate your claim. Once the complaints team member has completed their investigation they should get back to you immediately to let you know of any action taken regarding your complaint, if you have not heard back you can get back in touch with the complaints line, the head office team or the customer services team.

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