Maternity Allowance Contact Phone Number

0843 178 4192

0843 178 4192

Phone the Maternity Allowance helpline on the number 0843 178 4192 where they can assist you with making new claims and help if you’re having trouble receiving payment despite having previously set up the allowance. Find out if you are eligible to receive the Maternity Allowance when you phone the number above.

Maternity Allowance contact numbers

Phone Number
Opening Times
Maternity Allowance helpline 0843 178 4192 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm
Eligibility 0843 178 4193 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm
Make a claim 0843 178 4194 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm
Impact on other benefits 0843 178 4195 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm
Payments 0843 178 4196 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm
Report changes of circumstances 0843 178 4197 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm
Complaints 0843 178 3554 Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm Saturday and Sunday 9am till 4pm

Maternity Allowance helpline

Phone the Maternity Allowance helpline on the number 0843 178 4192 where they can assist you with questions you have regarding how much Maternity Allowance is given and where is it paid into. Find out if you’re entitled to £145.18 a week, £27 a week for 39 weeks or 14 weeks. You can use this number to find out how often your allowance is paid too.


Find out if you are eligible to receive Maternity Allowance from the government when you phone the number 0843 178 4193. If you explain your working situation, whether you have recently finished work, are self employed, are not entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay.

If you are self employed you’re entitled to Maternity Allowance, provided you have paid Class 2 National Insurance for 13 weeks in the 66 weeks before your baby is due. To ensure that you are eligible for this phone the number above and provide your National Insurance number so the advisor can assist you.

Make a claim

To make a claim for Maternity Allowance phone the number 0843 178 4194. When you phone this number to make a claim you will have to provide details about yourself and your pregnancy, as well information about your work and pay. You will also have to give your National Insurance details too. It’s likely that you’ll have to prove your pregnancy too, to ensure your Maternity Allowance pay goes through.

Impact on other benefits

Find out what impact receiving Maternity Allowance could have on your other benefits by phoning the number 0843 178 4195. When you call this number explain the money that you currently receive and if you know it what you’re expected to receive for Maternity Allowance. They can then help you decide if it’s a better option for you to receive the full amount of your Maternity Allowance or reduce it so it’s doesn’t impact your other benefits. When you phone this number it’s likely you’ll have to provide personal information, as well as details relating to how much money you currently receive, so ensure that you have these figures correct so it can be easily determined how much your maternity allowance will make an impact.


If you have any troubles receiving your maternity allowance benefit then phone the number 0843 178 4196. You can phone this number if you have not received payment when you are due it, the people on the line should be able to determine the problem and let you know when you will be paid instead. If you have not received the amount you were expecting you can also phone this number, you will likely have to provide evidence of how much you have received, such as a picture of your bank statement showing how much you actually got.

Report changes of circumstances

To report any changes of circumstances whilst you’re receiving Maternity Allowance you can phone the number 0843 178 4197. You will need to phone this number if you end up going back to work earlier than planned, as this might affect how much allowance you get.


To make a complaint about the staff you have dealt with whilst sorting your Maternity Allowance you can phone the number 0843 178 3554. The advisors are on hand to help resolve your complaint in a fair and quick manner. When you phone the number provide as much detail you can about the issue and they will aim to get it resolved whilst you are the line with them. In some cases it might take a further little investigation, for which they will get in touch at a later date, either by writing or through phoning you back.


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