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0844 826 0549

0844 826 0549 is an online dating site, it was founded by Gary Kreman in 1993 as a website for local newspapers. It was transformed into a dating website in 1995 and by 2004 it had become the largest dating website in the world and had 42 million people sign up in those 9 years, they won a Guinness world record for this. You can get in touch by calling the contact number 0844 826 0549. Contact Numbers:

Department Contact Number Opening Times
Customer Services 0844 826 0549 Monday to Friday
Account Helpline 0843 178 5422 Monday to Friday
Dating Advice 0843 178 5423 Monday to Friday
Online Safety Advice 0843 178 5424 Monday to Friday
Advertising 0843 178 5425 Monday to Friday
Complaints 0843 178 5426 Monday to Friday
9am-6pm Customer Services – 0844 826 0549

You can get in touch with the customer services team if you need help with purchasing a subscription or extra, you need some help with your payments, you need to report a payment error, you would like help with subscription management, you want to know more about the events and get-togethers, you would like to know more about the security of your account, you want to find out about who can see your messages or information or you have some other inquiries about You can get in touch with the customer services team by calling the contact number 0844 826 0549. Account Helpline – 0843 178 5422

You should call the Account Helpline if you need help regaining access to your account if you have forgotten your log in details, you would like some help with profile/account management, you want to know about searching and being found, you would like some help signing up, you want to know how to upload a photo, you would like to delete your account as you no longer need it or you have some other inquiries about your account. You can get in touch with the account helpline by calling 0843 178 5422. Dating Advice – 0843 178 5423 offer online dating advice to help you when entering the dating world as well as how to improve your relationship and even how to break up with someone in the least painful way. You can look at the dating advice articles on their websites, you can look through the most recent, most popular or you can search for something specific. If you have some questions about the advice, you have a suggestion or you want to complain about a piece of advice on the site you can call the Dating Advice team on 0843 178 5423.

Online Safety Advice – 0843 178 5424

On the website, you can access safety advice and the code of conduct. On this page, you can look at the rules of the website which include do not be rude or offensive, don’t use fake photos, don’t respond harshly to rejection and don’t spam people. The safety advice allows you to know how to stay safe whilst using the website such as never to give money to someone, don’t give out your phone number or home address, meet in a public space and arrange your own transport there and back from meeting someone from the website. If you would like to know more about how to stay safe on the website or about the rules of the site you can call the online safety advice helpline on 0843 178 5424. Advertising – 0843 178 5425 offer online advertisement that allows you to expose your business to millions of users a day over their multiple dating brands. MatchMedia has 5.4 billion global visits a year, 1 million new customer registrations per week and 40 dating brands in 168 countries. You can find out more about their advertisement services on the Meetic Group website, you can find out about their standard offers, their first look and pmp deals, their audience and premium offer as well as anything that’s new about the group. You can inquire about advertising on by calling the advertising helpline on 0843 178 5425. Complaints – 0843 178 5426

If you have some complaints about the services you can get in touch with the complaints team. You can complain about anything such as if you’re unhappy with matches, you have had a bad experience at an event or you feel a staff member was rude or unhelpful to you. If you have had a serious incident with someone you met on you should contact the police before to report the incident if you feel its necessary if not you can contact the complaints team to report the person. You can get in touch with the complaints team by calling 0843 178 5426.


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