How to Make a Return to ASOS

Imagine you’ve ordered something gorgeous from online clothing retailer ASOS. You sit by the door, waiting, almost unable to breathe with the excitement of it all, until – at last – the parcel arrives. You open it up, pull out your shiny new bit of high fashion and… It’s not the right item. Or it’s the wrong size. Maybe it’s damaged. Something, in any case, is very wrong with it, and you need to return it. How can you do this? The horror threatens to consume you.

Don’t panic. We’re here with a guide to talk you through it. You can do this, if not you can get an specialist packaging for your shipping like cold chain shipping supplies then they can also be found online.

Returning an item
Returns are free for UK customers, as ASOS aim to provide a hassle-free way to return items. You can return items within 28 days of receiving them, and every one comes with a returns form included that you simply need to fill out and pop in the parcel with your item. Make sure that your order number is confirmed on your returns note, and mark whether you want a refund or an exchange before packing the item up again with the note. The item doesn’t need to be in its original packaging, so long as it is packaged securely and it is still in the condition which it arrived in.

UK customers have seven options when it comes to returning ASOS clothes. You can return them via the Post Office, through a Collect+ location, via a Hermes Parcel Shop or by using a Hermes Courier service to collect them, in a Doddle Store or using an InPost parcel locker. You can also use My Returns to arrange a courier to pick up the parcel within 60 minutes, if you’re in a real rush – but bear in mind that My Returns charge a £2.50 booking fee for such rapid collection.

It normally takes seven working days for a returned order to arrive back in the ASOS warehouse. Within a day of this happening, an email will be sent out to you to let you know that the item has arrived and your refund or exchange is being processed, and the refund itself will usually be completed in five working days. If you asked for an exchange instead, it will be sent to your default delivery address – to change this, edit your default address online on your ASOS profile before returning the item.

Returning an item via the Post Office
Simply peel the Royal Mail label off your returns note and stick it to the front of your parcel. Fill out your returns note, pop it in the parcel, and seal it up. Then head down to the post office and give the parcel to them, making sure to ask for a proof of return receipt. There’s nothing else to this section, it really is that simple.

If you need a new returns label, click here!

Returning via Hermes
Returning your purchase using a Hermes Parcel Shop is much the same as returning it through the post office, but instead of simply peeling off a label and sticking it to your parcel, you’ll have to print your own by going to their site and filling it in yourself. Besides that, it’s just another case of taking it to the shop and handing it over! ASOS will send you an email when they receive it, and until then it can be tracked online with Hermes’ parcel tracking service.

Using Hermes Collection by courier is even easier. You’ll just need to sign into your ASOS website account, go to the ‘returns’ section and click ‘book collection with Hermes’. The collection can be booked up to seven days in advance, and the courier will come right to your door between the hours of 8am and 8pm to collect the parcel. You’ll need to print and attach your own label as with the Parcel Shop, and make sure to include your returns note!

Returning your purchase with Doddle
Available at thousands of train stations across the UK, Doddle offers you a free way of returning your ASOS packages. You don’t have to use the returns label included with your parcel, as they will give you one at the station. Just remember to fill in your returns note and seal the parcel up tight! ASOS was right, so far this returns thing has been hassle-free.

Using Collect+ to return an item
Using Collect+ is almost identical to using the Post Office, bar going to a shop, petrol station or newsagent that runs the Collect+ service instead of going to the post office. There’s even a Collect+ label attached to your returns note that you just need to stick on the parcel. Don’t forget to get a proof of return receipt!

Lastly, using InPost to make a return
If your parcel meets the size limitation of 34x34x68 and is under 15kg, you could stick it in an InPost collection locker (any time, they’re open 24/7, 365 days a year). Take your parcel to your nearest InPost lockers, select ‘send a parcel’ and scan your label, and you’re good to go! This service is free, and your package can be tracked online as it makes its way to ASOS HQ. Easy.