Lending Stream Contact Number

The contact number for Lending Stream is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

020 3365 0133

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Why Would I Call the Lending Stream Phone Number?

  • Apply for a short term loan
  • You loan hasn’t been paid into your account
  • Find out repaying your loan
  • You can’t log into your account online
  • You want to change your bank details
  • You want to make a complaint about the services Lending Stream has given you

What Does Lending Stream Do?

Lending Stream provide short term cash loans for when you have a sudden unexpected bill and you are able to borrow up to £1500. When you have been approved to receive a loan, the funds can be transferred to your account within 4 minutes and you are able to repay your loan over 6 months. If you are unable to repay your loan, or make the payment late, there may be extra charges incurred. Short term loans are not recommend as a long term solution to financial problems, if your credit history is not good here you can start Getting Fast Cash Now

When applying for the loan you will need information such as:

  • The amount you want to borrow
  • Your personal details
  • Information about your job including your employers name, type, length, income amount and pay frequency
  • Any monthly expenses, such as rent, mortgages etc
  • Bank details

It is important to consider if this sort of lending is suitable for what you need and if you will realistically be able to make the repayment deadlines. Talk to an expert before calling the Lending Stream contact number.

Payday Loan Debts Force Homeless Couple To Live In Their Car
March 26th, 2015

A couple who faced spiralling debts from taking out payday loans were evicted from their home and have had to start living in their Ford Focus on an industrial estate.

Philip and Victoria Sherlock borrowed just £830 from the lenders to cover rent payments after Mr Sherlock fell ill and had to have an operation, meaning he had to give up his job as a landscape gardener, which was physically demanding and causing him pain.

The painfully high interest rates resulted in their debts increasing even more and after being unable to make their rent payment, the couple were evicted in February. They said that they had spoken to the council but weren’t considered to be at a high enough risk for emergency accommodation.

Philip said “It’s disgusting. I’ve paid my taxes my whole life and this is how they repay me in my time of need? We only took the loans because we were desperate and now we’re snowed under with debt and living in a car. But for some reason, this isn’t seen as dangerous enough for anyone to care.”

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