HSBC Customer Services Contact Number

0843 658 0827

0843 658 0827

HSBC is a British bank that was founded in 1865 in Hong Kong and Shanghai which is where the HS comes from in the name. Now the company operates in more than 85 countries with more than 260,000 employees and has head offices in London. HSBC is known as the world’s local bank and is one of the largest company’s in the London stock exchange. You can get in touch with the HSBC team to discuss the company’s history or services just call the HSBC customer services number 0843 658 0827.

HSBC Contact Number:

HSBC Departments Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 658 0827 7 days a week
24 hours
Everyday Banking 0843 557 3771 7 days a week
24 hours
Borrowing 0843 557 5018 7 days a week
24 hours
Insurance 0843 557 3578 7 days a week
24 hours
Investing 0843 557 3595 7 days a week
24 hours
Complaints 0843 557 3756 7 days a week
24 hours

HSBC Customer Services – 0843 658 0827

You can get in touch with the HSBC customer services team if you would like to make a payment, you need to check your balance, you need to report your card as lost or stolen, you would like to transfer money, you would like to cancel a standing order payment, you would like to cancel your card or accounts, you would like to know more about using your card abroad, you need to change some of your personal details on your account, you need to report suspicious activity with your account, you need to report fraud, you would like to open an HSBC account or you have some other inquiries for the customer services team. To speak to a member of the HSBC customer services team you can dial 0843 658 0827.

HSBC Everyday Banking – 0843 557 3771

HSBC offers three everyday banking solutions which are current accounts, savings accounts and credit card account. Within these solutions, they offer different account types and cards all with different benefits and eligibility criteria. HSBC has different accounts and cards for different people and for different uses such as the student bank account for people who are 18+ in full-time education or the MyMoney children’s bank account and the MySavings account for children. They have savings accounts for instant access, fixed-term savings, tax-free savings and children’s savings accounts which are all suited and personalised for their uses. You can apply for an account or card online or by calling the everyday banking HSBC customer services team on 0843 557 3771.

HSBC Borrowing – 0843 557 5018

When borrowing with HSBC you can take out a loan or a mortgage. HSBC offers a few types of loads, they are personal loans which allow loans from £1,000 to £25,000, the premier personal loan that allow loans from £1,000 to £50,000, a graduate loan which is exclusively for customers within 5 years of graduation from £1,000 to £25,000 and the Flexiloan that allows loans of £500 to £5,000. If you’re interested in taking out a mortgage with HSBC they have a few options such as first-time buyer’s, remortgages and buy to let as well as existing customer mortgages. To get in touch with the HSBC borrowing team you can dial 0843 557 5018 to receive some advice or for help with a mortgage or loan.

HSBC Insurance – 0843 557 3578

HSBC offers home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, student insurance, high-value home insurance and pet insurance. Each insurance policy costs differently and has different criteria for eligibility. You can find out if you eligible for a type of insurance available with HSBC by calling the HSBC insurance number 0843 557 3578 a member of the team will be able to aid you with picking the right insurance for you. Each insurance policy has a different claim process and you can call the insurance number for more information about the claims process or make a claim on your insurance.

HSBC Investing – 0843 557 3595

HSBC not only offers banking accounts and loans, they also offer investments. They have a few investments products including stocks and shares ISAs, investment funds, share dealing as well as premier advice to help you towards the future you’re planning for. Stocks and shares ISAs allow you to choose from a ready-made portfolio that will be managed by the HSBC team and is based on the amount you would like to risk, you can choose to build your own fund portfolio and manage it yourself or you can choose your own share portfolio of securities and manage it yourself. You can explore the other investment options from HSBC by looking at the website. To get in touch with the HSBC investment team you can call 0843 557 3595.

HSBC Complaints – 0843 557 3756

If you have had a bad experience with the HSBC bank you should get in touch with the HSBC complaints team by calling the HSBC customer services department on 0843 557 3756. You can file a complaint against HSBC if you are unhappy with the customer service you received from the company such as rude or unhelpful staff, your account had suspicious activity and it was not investigated properly, you feel you were given damaging financial advice or you have had another bad experience with the company and would like to file a report and complaint.


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