How to Find the Nearest Supermarket Petrol Station


Almost 80% of households within the UK are within 3 miles of a supermarket petrol station. Supermarket fuel is 3p cheaper on average per litre, so this accessibility is good news for drivers. But how can you find the nearest one?

Supermarket Petrol Station Locator

The easiest way to find your nearest petrol station is to use the store finder feature on the supermarket’s website.

Tesco Petrol Station Finder

Across the UK, there are more than 600 Tesco Petrol Filling Stations. Not every Tesco store has one, so you should use the Tesco Store Locator to check the facilities and their opening hours at the nearest Tesco locations to you. Most Tesco Filling Stations have PayatPump and car washes. Find out what is automobile detailing, is a single maintenance activity that offers the biggest benefit to your car’s appearance, it’s keeping it clean. They accept the Tesco Pay+ app for payment at the kiosk, and Tesco customers can earn Clubcard points on fuel and qualifying kiosk purchases (1 point per £2/£1).

Morrisons Petrol Station Finder

Morrisons also has a Morrisons Store Locator feature on its website, which allows customers to check if the closest store has a petrol station, cafe, or garden centre. You can also check the Morrisons Petrol Filling Station opening hours, which may differ from the main store opening hours. With the Morrisons More Card (previously Match & More), customers can earn 5 points per litre when they buy fuel, in addition to 5 points for every £1 spent in-store.

Asda Petrol Station Finder

You can use the Asda Store Directory to find the closest Asda stores to you and check which ones have an Asda Petrol Filling Station forecourt. You can check the opening hours online before you go – they are usually the same for the petrol station as the main Asda store. It should also provide the direct phone number if you want to call them and make a query in advance of a visit. Around half of the 632 Asda stores in the UK have a Petrol Station.

Sainsbury’s Petrol Station Finder

Unlike most of its competitors, the supermarket Sainsbury’s actually has a “Petrol” filter in its Sainsbury’s Store Locator. This makes it much easier to find the nearest Sainsbury’s Petrol Station, rather than just the nearest Sainsbury’s stores and then checking which of these has a Petrol Station individually. You should still check the Sainsbury’s Petrol Station opening hours individually, as these can vary from the main store’s opening hours.

Spar Petrol Station Finder

Many Spar convenience stores are attached to a petrol station, and you can find a local Spar with Petrol Station online. There is also a specific search tool for Spar car washing facilities, as not all Spar Petrol Stations have a car wash. While many Spar stores are open 24/7, not all of them are, so you should check the specific opening times and use the listed Spar phone number to contact your nearest Spar Petrol Station if you need to check anything.

Co-Op Petrol Station Finder

Some Co-Op Food shop locations also have a Co-Op Petrol Filling Station, though this is not as common as other convenience stores with petrol stations. You can use the online Co-Op Store Finder to locate the closest branches of Co-Op Food and then check the store details to see if Petrol is listed under Extras in the description. Co-Op Food and Co-Op Petrol can be found at several motorway services across the UK, though some of them are now closed.

Branded Petrol Station Locator

Unless you want the convenience of filling up your car and doing your shopping in the same place, you may not be looking for a petrol station specifically attached to a supermarket. Here is how to locate a branded petrol station.

Esso Petrol Station Finder

There are branded Esso service stations all over, some of which will be attached to supermarkets too. The Find an Esso Filling Station tool on their website allows you to filter your search to find an Esso petrol station with the specific facilities you’re looking for. This could be finding a 24/7 Esso, an Esso which accepts payment through the Esso mobile app, an Esso with a HGV pump for trucks, or an Esso which provides a specific type of fuel for sale.

Shell Petrol Station Finder

Shell has one of the most practical store locators yet, with multiple filters available within the Shell UK Station Locator. You can search for Shell petrol stations which offer particular fuel types or amenities to find the closest one that can meet your needs. This can easily help you to locate a 24-Hour Shell, a Shell with an ATM, or other facilities at Shell such as Jamie Oliver Deli, Costa Express, Bakery, Car Wash, and service or self-service options.

BP Petrol Station Finder

The BP Locator shows a map of all the BP locations in the UK, allowing you to click on each one for further details about the facilities and opening times. The map search tool also offers several filters, so you can locate a BP that is open 24 hours or that has a cashpoint or car wash. You can find a BP petrol station that offers a particular BP fuel product, or one which also has a Wild Bean Cafe or an M&S Simply Food – even a BP petrol station selling alcohol.

Texaco Petrol Station Finder

The On The Road Tools on the Texaco website are handy as a Texaco UK service station locator. Simply enter your location, or allow the browser to share your location, and it will locate the closest Texaco petrol stations and even provide directions to them if you click on one. You can also select Google Street View to see what a service station actually looks like, so you don’t miss it. The downside of this tool is that it does not provide their opening hours.

Gulf Petrol Station Finder

To find your nearest Gulf petrol station, you can enter a town name or postcode into the Gulf Station Finder or allow it to access your exact location. It will then show you a map of Gulf petrol stations and list several of the closest Gulf service stations to your current location. While this shows the full name and address of each Gulf petrol station, it does not allow you to click to see the facilities available or the opening times of each Gulf station.

Murco Petrol Station Finder

Murco may be a lesser-known name in the UK petrol station market for the average customer, but there are plenty of Murco locations around the UK. You can use the Murco Station Finder to identify Murco petrol stations nearby, and click on individual Murco stations to view the full address and telephone number. It does not list information about Murco services and amenities or opening hours, but you can call a specific Murco station to ask about these.

UK Petrol Station Finder

If you do not prefer a specific brand of petrol station, whether a supermarket or other, you might just be looking for a petrol station as close as possible to your current location. There are several organisations that can help.

Petrol Station Price Comparison

If the price of the fuel is more important to you than the provider, you might choose your Petrol Filling Station according to the cost per litre. There are several websites which allow you to compare petrol prices in the UK.