European Destinations Best Seen By Car

If you’re thinking about road tripping around Europe, there are some destinations that are best seen by car. If you’re unsure where you would like to visit you can use the beautiful destinations below to decide the best route!  You can hire a car from Hertz once you arrive in your desired destination to make your road trip a much easier and smoother experience without having to worry about trying to drive to your road trip start location.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

amalfi coast italy

The Amalfi Coast is a stunning area on the southern coast of Italy, not too far from Naples. This collection of little towns with stunning mountain and sea views is a perfect place to drive through and admire. The whole area is connected by one road, rightly titled ‘Amalfi Coast Road’. You can drive through Sorrento (which is the largest of the respective towns), Positano (which offers stunning views as well as transport to the famous Capri island and grottos), Praiano (which is a tiny little town full of friendly locals and great food, as well as a tiny peaceful beach) and finally Amalfi (which is most well known for it’s docks, ancient papermaking techniques and the beautiful Amalfi cathedral).

Route 500, Germany

route 500 germany

Route 500, otherwise known as the Bundesstraße 500 by locals, is a beautiful scenic drive right the way through the Black Forest of Germany. This drive is perfect if you just want to drive, admire nature and listen to music or appreciate the natural sounds of the forest. You can stop off along the way at the Titisee, Triberg or Mummelsee lakes or waterfalls if you’re looking to take a dip surrounded by natural beauty. You can also find small picturesque towns along the route to stop off in for food or to stay overnight.

Col De Braus, France

Col De Braus france

Col De Braus can be found along the stunning French Alps winding up along the side of a mountain. This route is especially brilliant due to the zig-zag road allowing all people in the car to admire the amazing views of the mountains and small village at the bottom. You may even see some cyclists taking part in the Col De Braus cycling challenge, so make sure you’re careful when turning around the quite sharp bends.

Estoril Coast, Portugal

estoril coast portugal

If you’re looking for more sea views the Estoril Coast in Portugal is another perfect destination for you to drive through. There is a road running along the whole coastline allowing you to drive for miles with beautiful views of the sea and boats. You can stop off in any of the little towns that run along the coast for some great food with brilliant views. With multiple beaches along the coast drive, you can also stop for a refreshing dip in the clear water or take a trip on a boat.

Atlantic Road, Norway

atlantic road norway

The long Atlantic Road in Norway is not for the faint of heart! The 5-mile long road is almost entirely built on thin strips of land surrounded by water. In the middle of the road, you’ll find a bridge seemingly suspended mid-air above the water, not somewhere you would want to cross during a storm!  Although scary to some, the views from this road are truly out of this world, you’ll really feel like you’re driving on the water!

Corinth, Greece

corinth greece

Corinth in Greece is known best for two things: the large canal and their ancient ruins. You can explore this mythical land in your car, discovering ancient buildings and beautiful views. You can also drive over the great canal with a view straight down into the glowing green-blue water. If you’re a bit of a daredevil you could even stop off just before the canal and jump off the edge as they offer bungee jumping for those looking for more of an adventurous view of the canal.