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0843 658 6901

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0843 658 6901

Compare The Market is one of the UK’s leading insurance comparisons sites. It was founded by the Budget Group in 2006 and quickly grew to become a household name. They’re most famous for their car and home insurance comparisons but they can compare lots of other types of insurance to as well and broadband and mobile phone packages as well as different money services. Compare The Market makes its money from insurance providers paying for their services to appear on the website, this does not affect how they show the comparison results and all service providers pay the same amount of money for the fee. If you would like to contact Compare The Market you can call the Compare The Market contact number on 0843 658 6901.

 Other Compare The Market Contact Numbers:

Reed Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 658 6901 8:30am-11:30pm
7 days a week
Life & Home Insurance 0843 658 0886 8:30am-11:30pm
7 days a week
Vehicle Insurance 0843 658 0887 8:30am-11:30pm
7 days a week
Broadband & Mobile Phone 0843 658 0889 8:30am-11:30pm
7 days a week
Credit Cards 0843 658 0890 8:30am-11:30pm
7 days a week
Complaints 0843 658 0900 8:30am-11:30pm
7 days a week

Compare The Market Customer services – 0843 658 6901

You may need to contact the Compare The Market customer services team for a number of reasons including if you would like to know how they make their money and whether that affects your comparison search results, you want to know more about the Meerkat toys or adverts, you want to know more about, you want to find out more about the range of service providers they offer comparisons for, you want help comparing results for insurance or services, you’re struggling to log into your account and you need help gaining access to your account, you’re having problems using the website or you have some other questions regarding their services. You can get in touch with a member of the team by calling the Compare The Meerkat customer services contact number on 0843 658 6901.

Life Insurance and Home Insurance – 0843 658 0886

You will need to fill in an online form to receive comparisons for life and home insurance, it is important you fill these forms out correctly and completely honestly as if you do not disclose certain information before taking out a policy the insurance company has the right to increase your premium, cancel your policy, treat it as though you never took out a policy, refuse to cover a claim or not pay your claims in full.

Home Insurance

If you’re looking for home insurance and you want to use the Compare The Market services you must select the life insurance page to start searching for a policy that matches your needs.  First, you will be asked what type of policy you would like; building & contents cover, buildings cover or content cover. You will then be asked when you would like the policy to start then what your address is. The next page will ask you to describe your property details, whether it is a flat, house, townhouse, bungalow and other, what type of property that is (for a house: mid terraced house, semi-detached house etc.), how many rooms the property has including the uses of those rooms, whether you rent or own the property, when the property was built and how many whole years you have lived there. The next page is about the construction of the building with questions regarding what the external walls are built with, what the roof is made out of, whether the house has smoke alarms etc. The last page asks questions such as how much your home would cost to completely rebuild (not how much you would sell it for but how much it would cost to completely rebuild if it was to be knocked down), whether there are any trees that are taller than 10 metres within 5 metres of your property and whether the property has flooded etc. Once you have completed these questions you will be given comparisons of different covers from different providers and you can choose from there. If you need help completing these forms or you have some questions about home insurance you can call 0843 658 0886.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is important to have if you worry about leaving family members behind in a difficult situation when you pass. The first section of the life insurance comparison forms is about you, it will ask who you want to cover (yourself or yourself and another person), what your title is, you first and last name, your date of birth, whether you have used any tobacco or nicotine replacement products in the past 12 months. On the same page, it will start to ask you about the type of life cover you would like (level term or decreasing), how many years you want your cover to last, how much cover you would like and whether you would like it to include critical illness cover. You will need to fill out your account and contact details (email address, main and alternative telephone options, house number/name, postcode) and how you would like to be kept up to date by Compare The Market. Once you have completed this you will be shown the different policies you could take out with different providers. You may be asked more questions by different providers. You can get in touch with Compare The Market if you have some questions about life insurance or you need help filling in the form just call 0843 658 0886.

Vehicle Insurance – 0843 658 0887

Compare The Market offer comparisons for a number of different types of vehicle insurance for different vehicles.

Car and Van Insurance

If you’re looking for car or van insurance you will be taken to the same page where you will be asked to enter your registration number if you know it, if you don’t it will just ask about the vehicle type (manufacturer, model, fuel type etc.) it will ask what type of alarm the car has whether it is in left or right-hand drive, whether the car was imported etc. It will then ask you about the vehicle’s usage, when you bought the car, what you use it for (personal use, business use), what the annual personal mileage is, where you keep the car during the day (at home, office or factory car park, open public car park, secure public car park, street away from home) and where you keep the car overnight, how many cars are kept at you household including yours and whether you use the other vehicles. You will then need to fill out your personal details and details about your policy. Once you have been through these stages you will be shown the different comparisons available. If you need help regarding the car and van insurance you can call 0843 658 0887.

Bike Insurance

Filling out bike insurance is a little different to the car and van insurance. There are 6 steps which consist of about you, additional riders, claims & convictions, bike details, your summary and your quotes. It’s important you go through all these stages carefully and answer honestly as each answer may affect the policies you’re offered. You’re legally required to disclose this information to the insurance providers before taking up a policy as if you do not they have the right to terminate the policy as well as refuse claims etc. If you want more information about bike insurance you can call 0843 658 0887.

Broadband & Mobile Phone – 0843 658 0889

Compare The Market also offers broadband and mobile phone package comparisons. If you’re looking for broadband there are lots of things to take into consideration before you purchase a policy such as speed and type of broadband. It’s easy to get a broadband quote for your home on the Compare The Market website, just enter your postcode, whether you would like just broadband or broadband & TV and you’ll be given a list of results for the best broadband for your area. If you’re looking for mobile phone packages or deals the quote process is also easy. If you want a new phone you can enter what model you would like in the search box and it will find you the best deals for that phone. If you want SIM only deal you compare them straight away depending on what you’re looking for. You can also shop for phones and packages by the network and popular phone contracts. If you would like some help with the broadband or mobile phone comparisons you can call 0843 658 0889.

Credit Cards – 0843 658 0890

You can search for credit cards on the Compare The Market website by selecting one of the options listed on the site, 0% balance transfer, 0% purchase, balance transfer & purchase, credit building, cashback, reward cards, use abroad and money transfer. Once you have selected one of these options you will be able to enter the different amounts required to update the results and then you will be given a list of comparisons for the best credit cards suited to your needs. If you need some help with the credit card comparisons you can call 0843 658 0890.

Compare The Market Complaints – 0843 658 0900

If you have had a negative experience whilst using the Compare The Market services such as incorrect results or bad customer services you can contact the Compare The Market complaints team who will be able to file a complaint on your behalf and investigate the problem. Once they have investigated the problem they will get back to you with any results or with the progress of the complaint. To track the progress of a complaint you have already made you can also call the complaints team. To get in touch with the Compare The Market complaints team call the Compare The Market Complaints contact number on 0843 658 0900.


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