Co-Op Bank Phone Number

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0345 721 2212

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The Co-Op Bank is apart of the Co-Operative Group, it is a bank that operates in the UK. The Co-Op Bank was originally founded in 1871 but was not registered as a company until 1971. Over time the Co-Op bank and group has grown in popularity and has become of the most trusted companies in the UK. Since 1992 the UK has trusted the Co-Op for their ethical policies and for refusing to invest and support companies that foster the arms trade, animal testing, slave labour, fossil fuels and genetic engineering. Due to these policies, the Co-Op took longer to grow but it eventually gained a strong presence and loyal support of the ethically minded people all over the world.

Co-Op Bank Numbers:

Co-Op Bank Departments Opening Hours
Customer Services 24 hours a day
7 days a week
 Current Accounts 24 hours a day
7 days a week
 Credit Cards 24 hours a day
7 days a week
 Savings 24 hours a day
7 days a week
 Mortgage and Insurance 24 hours a day
7 days a week
Complaints 24 hours a day
7 days a week

Co-Op Bank Phone Number for Customer services

You can get in touch with the Co-Op customer services team if you would like to switch banks to the Co-Op bank, you need some advice about loans, savings or mortgages, you would like some help choosing the right insurance for you, you would like to know about the youth accounts available from the Co-Op bank, you would like some help logging in to the Co-Op online personal banking, you would like to set up online personal banking, you would like overdraft alerts to be sent to your mobile phone or email address, you would like some help choosing an account, you would like to know more about the different accounts or you have some other questions about the Co-Op bank services.

Co-Op Bank Current Accounts

The Co-Op Bank offers 3 current accounts, they are: the current account which is a no monthly fee current account which offers an easy online switch, everyday reward system and online and mobile banking (you must be 16 or over and an EU resident to apply for this account), the Cashminder this account is for people who may not be able to qualify for the other current accounts it offers no overdraft, chequebook or monthly account fee and is available as a joint account (be aware that you can’t open a Cashminder account if you already have a Co-Op bank current account or a smile account unless you are in financial trouble, you must be 16+ and an EU resident for this account), If you are already a Co-Op bank customer you can apply for an Everyday Extra Current Account which includes worldwide travel insurance as well as UK & EU breakdown cover and mobile insurance, it costs £15 a month and provides cover for the family including independent children up to the age of 22 years old.

Co-Op Bank Credit Cards

The Co-Op Bank offers 3 credit cards: the Balance Transfer Credit Card which allows you to pay back your existing credit card balances on one card and account (this card offers 0% interest for 24 months on balance transfers, be aware after 24 months this increases to 18%, 0% interest on all purchases for 4 months, again after the 4 months is over it will increase to 18%, no annual fee), The 3 Year Fixed Rate Credit Card which will allow you to manage your monthly repayments at fixed rates for 3 years (6.9% interest fixed for 3 years on balance transfers and purchases, this increases to 15.9% interest after the 3 years and they charge 25.9% interest on all cash withdrawals, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee), The Co-Op Members’ Credit Card only for Co-Op members (15.9% interest on purchases and balance interests, 25.9% interest on cash withdrawals, receive 1p cashback for every £2 spent at a Co-Op food stores and 1p cashback for every £3.33 anywhere the visa symbol is displayed, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee).

C0-Op Bank Savings

The Co-Op Bank offers a large range of savings accounts and re-investing savings accounts. Some of their savings products include fixed rate bonds, ISAs, select access saver, instant access and children’s savings account. Their re-investing savings products are cash ISAs for maturing customers, Britannia maturity fixed rate bonds and the Co-Op Bank fixed-term deposits. They also offer savings tools to help you learn more about their ISAs or to help you budget and save money. Some of the tools are the ISA Selector, the Budget Calculator and guides about their products. For help selecting a savings product for you or your child you can call the Co-Op Bank phone number for savings.

Co-Op Bank Mortgage and Insurance

Co-Op Bank offers mortgages and insurance for new and existing customers. Whether you’re moving homes or looking for a better deal you can check the Co-Op Bank website to look at the Co-Op rates for your home. If you are interested in taking out a mortgage with the Co-Op Bank you can also get in touch with the Co-Op Bank phone number. The Co-Op Bank also offers a range of insurance products including home insurance, life insurance, critical illness cover and mobile insurance you can find out more about this or apply for insurance cover by the Co-Op Bank Phone Number.

Co-Op Bank Complaints

You can get in touch with the Co-Op Bank complaints team if you are unhappy with the Co-Op Bank customer services, you feel a member of the team was rude or unhelpful to you and you would like to report it, you feel the services are not up to standard, you feel your account was not secure enough, you feel the Co-Op Bank allowed you to take out a loan or a mortgage knowing you would not be able to afford it, you feel you were given bad advice about your finances, you feel your insurance claim was not dealt with correctly or you are unhappy with another aspect of the company or services.

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