How To Cancel A Pending Paypal Payment and have your money back

If you would like to find out how to cancel a pending payment on Paypal you can follow the easy guide below. You can cancel a pending payment in two ways, online if the payment has not already been processed or by calling the Paypal team who will be able to refund your account if the payment has been processed as well as be able to cancel an unprocessed payment.

Cancel Pending Paypal Payment Online

The first thing you need to do to cancel your pending payment is log into the account your pending payment was sent with on the Paypal website. You then need to go to the ‘account’ tab, you will see a ‘history’ button in the account menu which you will need to select. You will then see a list of recent payments, find the pending payment you wish to cancel and you should see a ‘cancel’ button next to the order status. You then need to click the ‘cancel’ button and complete the cancellation by selecting the next ‘cancel payment’ button. If you cannot see the cancel button you will need to call Paypal to cancel or refund the payment.

Cancel Pending Paypal Payment Via Phone Call

You can call the number if you would prefer to cancel the payment over the phone or if you tried to cancel the payment online and it would not allow you to do it. You will need to provide your account information to allow the team member to identify your account. You will then need to provide information about the payment you wish to cancel, you will then be informed of whether you will be able to cancel the pending payment or whether you will need to receive a refund from the account you sent the money to however you might need to way, because the amount will be on hold when you need cash now will be better to find an alternate solution.