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0345 609 0111

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Customer services

If you would like help understanding your policy use the number above where they trained individual can help you get a clearer understanding of it.

You can also use this number if you would like to make any changes to your current policy. If you are phonating to do this you will need to provide some personal details about yourself or the individual whose policy you are calling about. Call the customer service number to discuss setting up a direct debit, changing the bank you make payment from or change the date on which payment is taken.

Get a quote

When you phone this number you can get accurate payment plans, and what they involve, provided you supply some personal information about yourself. You will need to provide details regarding your healthy and medical background, as well as any significant medical information regarding your parents.

There are different types of insurance policies you can choose from, which the customer service advisor will explain further on the phone.

Make a claim

When you phone the number you will need to provide your policy number, personal details, as well as the reasoning behind your claim. In most cases, there will be a small investigation into your claim before a payout is made to you. The person you speak to on the phone will be able to provide you with a timeline of what will happen next, and when you can expect to hear back from them.

Elderly care support line

You can phone this number to speak to one of the trained care advisors who can help you with advice or provide an ear to listen over the phone. Looking after the elderly is a lot of hard work, and Bupa ensure they can help relieve some pressure with this support line you can use.

Bupa on demand

Bupa on deman sees you pay for only the treatment you need, and there is no need to have health insurance to take advantage of this service. Popular treatments that you may pay for using the Bupa on deman service include knee replacement surgery, cataract surgery, hernia repair surgery or physiotherapy.

Global cover

The international health insurance gives you access to some of the best doctors and hospitals globally, and you can phone to get access to this cover on the number above.

If you already have Bupa Global Cover in place and need to make a claim, or make amendments to your policy you can phone the number above to do that. For this you will need to provide your policy number.

Bupa Business

You can choose from small or corporate business insurance, depending on the size of your company.

There are different options available to you, which the trained advisor will be able to explain when you phone the number above. There’s a selection of different coverage options including cash plans, dental plans, flu vaccinations, etc and you can choose and tailor the type of cover you’d like.

If you already have Bupa Business insurance in place you can also phone this number to change details on your account, or make a claim on the insurance if you so need to.

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