Xmas Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

Are you still searching for the perfect Xmas gift to give that hard-to-buy-for person?  It could be your fussy Dad, awkward partner or hard-to-please son or daughter. I mean, what do you buy the person who has everything? Well, if they like innovative products, these items might be right up their street. No matter what your budget – this list has something for everyone.

Pebble Smartwatch – £99.99

PC World0843 557 3572

If money is no object and you really want to treat your loved one, this could be the perfect gift. Available from PC World for £99.99 but is widely available in most tech stores. The smart watch is one of the new innovations in wearable technology and Pebble is one of the most sleek and stylish of the bunch, available in Orange, Red, Black and White. The Pebble watch can pair up with your phone using Bluetooth allowing texts, facebook messages and other notifications to come directly to your wrist.


3Doodler gadget

3Doodler – The Worlds First 3D Printing Pen – £99.99

Firebox.com: 0800 044 5010

Available to order online, this gift incorporates the very latest in 3D technology and allows you to bring your drawings to life. Simply draw whatever you wish into the air with the pen, and it will neatly squeeze out a thin, flexible but strong piece of plastic that hardens quickly and makes colourful three-dimensional shapes. You don’t have to be a budding artist either, there’re hundred of templates to trace online. It’s like having a 3D printer in the palm of your hand.


MIP – The Worlds First Balancing Robot – £99.99

MIP Gadget

Firebox.com: 0800 044 5010

This has got to be the cutest robot we have ever seen, and it balances on its own. Essentially, it’s a remote control robot that you control with your phone or your hand. There are 7 unique and exciting game modes that include tracker, which makes the robot follow you around like your very own puppy, and Game, which allows you to play a game of buckaroo with your robot. Just balance as many things as possible on MIP until he can’t take it anymore. You can also unleash many more impressive features by downloading the MIP app. MIP is available to order online at firebox.com


LEAP Motion Controller (Mac or Pc) – £59.99

LEAP Motion Controller Gadget

Amazon.co.uk: 0843 320 9598

The LEAP Motion Controller from Amazon.co.uk is a whole new way of interacting with your Mac or PC. Using your fingers in the air, you can browse the web, play games, make music and more.There’s all kinds of apps that are specially designed for the LEAP Motion Controller. Whoever receives this gift will undoubtedly feel like Tom Cruise in Minority Reports.


Sony Core Smartband – £49.99


Very.co.uk: 08448 222 321

This Smartband is a more affordable version of the Pebble smartwatch. Except, it is more for those who enjoy keeping track of their fitness levels. It allows you to record your social life and fitness routine at the same time. You can set goals and monitor your fitness progress and because it’s in constant communication with your smartphone, it vibrates to let you know when you’ve received a call or text. You can even check the weather and choose what songs to listen to while you work out, not to mention the strap is removable and other colours are available to match any outfit – perfect for the fitness fashionista. You can order your Smartband online or via telephone.


Hi-fun hi-call Bluetooth Gloves – £37.46

John Lewis.com0843 557 3709

How annoying is it in Winter time when you can’t use your smartphone without taking off your gloves? Hi-call gloves from Hi-fun could help to solve that frustrating problem. They have built-in bluetooth speakers and a microphone in the left glove so you can make calls. It also has capacitive technology in the fingertips so you can operate your touch-screen phone without getting your hands cold. Available at John Lewis, these gloves will certainly come in handy during the Winter months. For more information or to order, contact John Lewis or visit their website.


Google Chromecast – £30.00

Argos.co.uk0843 596 3083

Not everyone is luckGoogle Chromecast gadgety enough to have smart TV, but Google Chromecast can make your existing TV much smarter. Just plug it into the HDMI port in the back of your TV and you can share what’s on your PC, smartphone or tablet with the whole family in FULL HD, whether that’s watching movies on Netflix, or watching funny cat videos on youtube. You can get your Google Chromecast from your local Argos store. Why not call them to check it’s in stock, first.


SEGA Megadrive Portable Games Console – £29.99

Argos.co.uk: 0843 596 3083SEGA-megadrive console gadget

This gadget is a real blast from the past. Available at Argos, it’s a portable games console that allows you to play all the classic SEGA Megadrive games, like everyone’s all-time favourite – Sonic The Hedgehog. It has 20 built-in games but it also lets you download a wide variety of classic games. This gift will definitely provide hours of nostalgic fun.


Selfie Remote – £19.00

Littlewoods.com0843 596 3090

Ever tried to take a group selfie, but just couldn’t reach the button to take the picture? Taking selfies can get a little awkward at times, but not when you have this Selfie Remote from Littlewoods. This great device allows you to activate the camera on your phone from a distance, with the simple click of a button. Just download the free app to your iphone and your good to go. No more awkward, blurry selfies!


Eyezone Massager -£14.95

Eyezone Massager Gadget

Prezzybox.com: 0844 2495 007

Not only does this make you look like some kind of amazing Superhero, it’s also perfect for those who’re feeling the stress this winter. This Eyezone Massager takes away the stresses and strains of every day ‘hi-tech’ life. Whether you spend all day in front of a computer screen, staring at your smartphone or stuck in traffic, the Eyezone Massager combines Massage therapy, Pinhole therapy and Magnetic therapy to totally relax you and take your stresses away, until tomorrow anyway. Available online at prezzybox.com