From A To Z – What You Get When You Subscribe To Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, the premium service from Amazon, can be seen advertised all over the digital and real worlds.

Beginning as a package which offered customers free shipping on their purchases, Prime has expanded to encompass a variety of services for its subscribers, including unlimited movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video – an online resource built to rival Netflix in scale and quality.

Prime seems designed to cater for every aspect of Amazon’s customer base, and comes with the following goodies as standard:

Unlimited One-Day Delivery

Free one-day delivery on all Amazon stock comes as standard with Prime – and in circumstances where one-day delivery is impossible, such as the product being held in stock outside the UK, the default delivery option is set to First Class instead. Either way, whether it takes a single day or – gasp – two, your order will make its way to you on swift wings, shiny and free.

Unlimited Prime Instant Video

Amazon’s answer to Netflix, Prime Instant Video has blockbuster films and groundbreaking TV shows that can be watched on a TV, laptop, tablet, or over 600 other devices, and which can be taken anywhere with a Kindle Fire. Boasting over 15,000 choices, free access to this package is a primary driving force behind Amazon Prime’s streaming service. Much of the catalogue is free to view, and the rest comes at a small price to digitally rent or buy. On top of all the available choices in viewing, Prime Instant Video also includes a range of original films and TV series produced by Amazon and unavailable anywhere else. These include Transparent, Bosch and many more.

Prime Day

With more deals available than Black Friday, Prime Day is a huge day of sales held on July 15th, offering Amazon Prime customers huge savings spanning Amazon’s entire diverse product range, from toys and video games through to lawn and garden equipment, clothing, electronics and more. If Amazon sells it (and trust us, they do) there’ll be a deal available on Prime Day. Prepare your wallets.

Unlimited Secure Photo Storage

Free, unlimited use of Amazon Cloud storage means your photos can be stored together and accessed on any device you choose, any time, creating an online photo album that you keep with you wherever you are. This album includes any picture taken from a registered device, and can therefore be added to whenever you see a good photo opportunity!

A Free E-book Every Month

Under Prime’s “Borrow” system, over 500,000 e-books are yours to choose from every month. As the world’s leading vendor of e-books, the selection is unrivaled, consisting of fiction, non-fiction, classics and breakthrough titles. Any one of them can be borrowed for as long as you like – borrowed books have no due date, and can be returned whenever you feel like it… or when you spot another book you just have to read. You regain the ability to download a new book every month.

Amazon Student

If you’re a student, then Amazon Prime also includes one more welcome feature – a 50% discount. Called Amazon Student, this package features 6 months of free Amazon Prime, followed by half-price Prime after that. That’ll put the smile back on the box. Call them up and ask or visit the site for more information.