How to Use Gumtree Like a Pro

Gumtree is an online “classifieds” personal advert agency, allowing people to take out personal ads that can reach millions of people. As such, it is used a lot by people buying and selling goods, and is often used by employers and those who are seeking employment and who can provide a service – like bookkeepers, carpenters and other skilled workers.

Use a Clear Title

Be as clear and concise as possible in your title. There’s no need to go overboard looking for flowery ways to phrase things, and no point beating around the bush: state what you’re looking for and no more.

Be Descriptive

A good, honest and clear description will work wonders for you. Before a buyer takes the product, they’ll inspect it in front of you, so be honest! Don’t be tempted to “big up” the product, or cover any flaws – the buyer will know and you may lose the sale at the last second and leave everybody disappointed.

Consider the questions potential buyers may have in advance, and make sure to answer them in the description. Remember – keep it simple! Jargon and shoehorned adjectives will make your description much harder to read and much less likely to succeed.

Add Pictures

You can add up to 9 pictures, so take full advantage of this option! A picture tells a thousand words – a few well-shot photographs can save you massive amounts of effort in your written description and result in the entire ad flowing more smoothly. Make sure your photos are taken in good lighting, with an appropriate background, and show all the necessary angles and features of the product.

Be Friendly

There’s no reason why adverts need to be impersonal and cold: the best Gumtree ads are friendly, personable and humanising. Simple use of informal language, talking about your experience with the product and what it means to you are all tested ways to come across as more appealing and likeable to a potential buyer on Gumtree.

Be Flexible!

People love haggling and feeling like they’ve bagged a bargain, so be prepared to take offers. It may be worth your while to list your product a little more highly priced than you actually intend to sell it for, to allow room for hagglers to cut away the price a little. However, this may decrease the offers you receive, if people feel like you’re trying to rip them off. It’s your call.

Try to be flexible with pick-up/delivery times, too. If your buyer is at work, then they can’t pick up the product. If you have the right means of transport, offering local delivery can also really improve your prospects of making a sale.

If Offering a Job, Be Clear

Give specific requirements like qualifications, experience, language skills or visa upfront in your ad. You should also clarify whether you want to be sent CVs and references, and what the applicants should do next.


Make sure to balance your likelihood of making a sale against potential gain here, and remember to add the price on the page!

Contact Information

As well as including your email address, add your phone number to make it easier for buyers to contact you quickly and with low effort. If you only use the email option you’ll receive fewer responses!

Good luck out there guys!