The Ultimate Guide To Vodafone Offers, Extras, Freebees And Rewardz

If you’re a Vodafone customer there are plenty of Vodafone offers to take advantage of. Of course, it all depends on what contract you have with them, and how much you top up etc. Quite frankly, it can all get a bit confusing.

If you can’t tell your Vodafone freebees from your rewardz and are unsure of what you’re entitled to, this guide could help you out.

Pay Monthly Extras

There are loads of pay monthly extras to choose from, depending how you use your phone; from taking your minutes, texts and data around the world, to getting more data for £10 extra a month. Take a look at the available extras here.

Pay As You Go Extras

Just like pay monthly extras, there’s a lot to choose from. Whether you need to borrow £3 credit in emergencies or you just need more texts and minutes. Check them out here.

Vodafone Data Test Drive

If you’re about to embark on a Vodafone contract, whether you’re renewing or you’re a complete newbie, it’s difficult to determine how much data you’ll actually need. With the vodafone Data test drive, you get free internet for three months, to see how much data you actually use. Genius. Just make sure to be backed up by the best data management services, you can get more info here.

Vodafone Freebee

Not everybody uses their phone in the same way – some prefer texting, while others may enjoy connecting over a phone call. Vodafone realise this and so they offer five different types of freebies for five different kinds of people. These include freebee minutes, texts, data, international minutes and a little bit of everything. Of course you have to pay for these “freebees” but at least you get a tailored pay as you go plan for your money. The freebees cost from £10 each.

Red Plan

The red plan is basically a tariff that includes unlimited texts and calls. If you choose the Red plan you’ll get unlimited texts and calls along with either 1GB of data (starting from £29) or 2GB (starting at £34).

The benefits of this plan is the fact that the calls and texts are ‘truly’ unlimited because this applies across all networks, to mobiles and landlines. This is better than similar competitor deals which only include unlimited calls to customers on the same network. The data test drive is also included in the plan, where you get unlimited internet for three months.

How do I get this?

To sign up or upgrade to the red plan, visit them in store, or call them on 0843 320 9658.

Vodafone Red Hot

This Vodafone offer is for those who want the latest smartphone without having to wait. With Vodafone Red Hot you’re on a 24-month plan, with the option to upgrade your device up to 12 months before the end of your plan.

How do I do this?

Once you’re on a Red Hot plan, simply visit your store, return your phone in full working condition, and they’ll upgrade your device and put you on a new 24-month plan.

Freebee Rewardz

This Vodafone top up deal is Vodafone’s  way of saying thank you to pay-as-you-go customers. When you top up your phone with more than £5, you get points. The more you top up, the more points you get. You can either spend them immediately from a selection of freebee rewardz such as free credit and extra minutes, or you can save them up for even bigger rewardz, from personalised phone cases to brand new smart phones.

How do I get them?

Just top up with more than £5, and they’ll text you a rewardz code and tell you how to use it. Follow the link or go to and enter your code to get your Rewardz points.

Exclusive Offers

For existing members, exclusive offers are available that are tailored to you and the way you use your phone.

How do I get them?

To find out more about your exclusive offers, sign in online or contact Vodafone.