Save, Spend Or Splurge On Tablets This Christmas

There are three types of shopping that consumers will do this Christmas: they will save, looking for the best value products they can; they will spend, finding moderately priced popular items; or they will splurge, throwing their money around to get their lucky friends and family members top-of-the-range products.

Tablets are set  to be one of the most popular items purchased over the holiday season for another year running. With lots of different companies making their own versions of the technology, consumers will be able to choose from low end tablets, middle range ones or the highest quality products on the market. But which is which ? And what is worth buying from each end of the consumer spectrum? We have taken a look at the best tablets that money can buy whether you want to save, spend or splurge.


Save: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6

Price: £80 – £100

In response to the increasingly growing low-end tablet market, Amazon decided to release their own budget version of the Kindle Fire. Named the Kindle Fire HD 6, it is a cross between their traditional Kindle e-readers and the state-of-the-art tablets they have been producing for the last few years. The 6 inch screen means the Kindle Fire HD 6 is far smaller than most options on the market, but its specs are nonetheless impressive, boasting a fast performance and user-friendly navigation. The things that separate it from other higher priced tablets are the lack of internal memory (only around 5gb) and Amazon’s lack of apps (there is no access to the Google or iTunes stores).

What the experts say:

It is not perfect, but the HD 6 is really good value.

– Tech Advisor

Spend: Tesco Huld 2

Price: £130

Tesco‘s first version of the Hudl was intended to be a low-end tablet for consumers alienated by the enormous price tags attached to the likes of the iPad or Samsung Galaxy. However, after critics praised the device, it makes perfect sense for the supermarket to make its second edition more of a moderately priced option; capitalising on its terrific reputation of good quality while remaining affordable. We are pleased to say that the Hudl 2 does not disappoint, exceeding the expectations people might have after the surprise success of its predecessor. It’s light in weight, fast in speed, high in memory (which can be improved further with a micro SD card), and has an incredible full-HD screen to boot. The camera is 5 megapixels and has the capacity to record video in 1080p too, not to mention that it comes in a variety of colours such as white, blue, red, pink and black.

This is not only the best smart-priced tablet of the year. It might be the best of the year – period.

What the experts say:

A great screen, decent processor and micro SD card slot make this an excellent tablet.
 – PC Advisor


Splurge: iPad Air 2

Price: £400 – £600

We know it. You know it. We all know it. The iPad from Apple is the single most recognisable type of tablet in the whole world – so much so that we probably all know an elderly family member who groups all tablets as ‘iPads’.

Many of their competitors have caught up with the tech giant now, including the ones mentioned above. However, the biggest compliment one can pay the iPad is that its competitors never catch up for long. Apple constantly revise the idea of what a tablet can do with every update to their technology. The iPad Air 2 is no different. Making the original Air even thinner – without sacrificing its resilience – it’s easy to transport. But that’s not the only thing the second version of the tablet has improved on; the battery life is also fantastic and it packs a power that other tablets can only envy. You have to spend quite a lot to get one, but it is very much worth the price.

What the experts say:

Apple has taken the perfect tablet and somehow made it even better.
 – Tech Radar