Why Every Customer Needs Sainsbury’s Shopping List App

Shopping is a chore that many people do not enjoy. Even those who do relish the opportunity to nip to the local supermarket will attest to the frustration of waiting in long queues and searching for the items you desire. All of this is about to get much easier for customers who shop at Sainsbury’s though. The company is in the process of trialing a brand new shopping app for smartphone and tablet users that will make shopping quicker and easier than it has ever been before.

People who have the Sainsbury’s shopping app will be able to build a shopping list directly to the app from anywhere in the world so long as they have their smartphone or tablet – you can finally wave goodbye to those annoying paper lists that are easily forgotten or misplaced. If you tend to buy the same set of items when you visit the supermarket, these lists can also be saved for easy access in the future.

However, where the app gets really useful is when you go to your nearest Sainsbury’s branch in order to purchase the items on your list. The app will, apparently, be able to navigate you around the store so that you can find where all of your desired products are located so that you longer do you have to scour aisle after aisle in search of them.

Furthermore, the smartphone version of the app allows you to beat the queues if you have happened to visit Sainsbury’s on a particularly busy day. You simply scan each item on your list – or any others that you find along the way – and pay via your mobile phone. This is the perfect feature if you are dropping in during one of the peak times e.g. Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc.

The app – which is one of the best shopping list apps we have seen – is the brainchild of the recently strengthened Sainsbury’s digital team. The supermarket has been scouting some of the most creative people in the tech industry to work on projects for the supermarket. The app itself is due to be trialed in select stores over the next few weeks and will be available to customers in 2015, beginning with Nectar card holders.

John Rudoe, who is the director for digital and technology and Sainsbury’s, said: “We know that customers’ weekly shop does not start at our front door – they know what they like and they also like that search for a bargain. They still want to come into store – but with limited time, they want to be able to get their shop done quickly. That is why we are putting digital firmly at the forefront of our agenda, and putting technology in the hands of our customers.”