What Pass To Buy To Save Money On Your Citylink Travel

Whether you are living in Scotland and wish to travel around the country, or you are simply visiting the beautiful country for a short vacation, one of the best ways to get around is by Citylink bus. Regarded as “the number one provider of express coach travel in Scotland”, Citylink is able to take you to a number of destinations across the country. Their stops include everywhere from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Aberdeen and Inverness.

The best way to travel with Citylink is by investing in one of its special passes or tickets. Buying a pass with Citylink can save travelers up to 50 per cent of their money. There are passes available for a wide range of people and that cater to a wide range of services. So what Citylink passes are on offer, and how can it help you if you wish to travel with Citylink?

Seasonal Citylink Pass

Rather than buying individual Citylink tickets which can be used as a one-off, seasonal passes are available to make a number of journeys over a period of time. For instance, you can purchase a seasonal ticket that allows you to travel ten times, four times per week, twelve times per week or even a ticket that you can use whenever you use Citylink annually. The price of each kind of seasonal ticket depends on where you wish to journey between. You can check the prices via the official Citylink website. They can be booked by calling Citylink by phone, on the aforementioned website and from Citylink travel centres.

Explorer Citylink Pass

The Explorer pass from Citylink is ideal for people visiting Scotland on holiday. This allows you to use Citylink’s bus and coach travel around Scotland for three, five or eight days at a discounted price. The three day pass costs £41, the five day pass costs £62 and the eight day pass costs £93.

Citylink Tickets For Children

Those traveling with young children can save a lot of money with Citylink’s tickets for kids. Anyone under five will be able to travel free on their buses and coaches. Furthermore, kids between the ages of five and fifteen will be able to save 30 per cent if you purchase a child ticket from any Citylink office, transport or when you book via the Citylink contact number.

Citylink Pass For Students

Students can register for a Student Card from Citylink. This will allow those in Scotland to travel on buses and coaches with a saving of 20 per cent. You simply need to complete a form with your personal details, most frequent route, university of study and your payment details.

CityLink Apex Ticket

Do you know you are going to be traveling before you get on a Citylink bus or coach? You could be saving up to 20 per cent of the money you pay by getting your hands on an Apex ticket. If you book two or more days in advance you can get one of these tickets and travel at a discounted price.

CityLink Family Day Pass

If you are traveling as a family on a Citylink coach, you could get a free ticket for passengers who are 15 years of age or younger. Valid only on the day of travel and eligible for up to two children, the 24 hour day pass you can buy from Citylink could save you money on your next family holiday.