Just Call Me – A New Business App From O2

As a working person, are you suffering from email overload? Research has found that on average, the working nation sends 4, 118 emails a year and spends 288 hours writing them alone, even though over half of us believe that a simple call would be more effective.

It seems the workplace is becoming increasingly reliant on email as a form of communication, but given the research findings, it seems like a huge waste of time and adds more pressure to your working day as people feel like they have to respond. Also, it’s much more difficult to get a point across via email, and research shows that 58% of workers worry that the content of their emails will be misconstrued.

So, why aren’t we talking instead of typing?

Sometimes, emails or private messaging services are convenient in that they allow you to relay and discuss information with a group of people. Aside from emails, face to face meetings are the next go-to form of communication for this reason. However, they can be difficult to arrange, and are usually unnecessary and time-consuming. According to research, 44% of workers feel they are pulled in to face to face meetings when a phone call would have covered the issue, which brings us nicely to our next point.

Just Call Me

Another way of communicating is via conference call. However, they are often not widely used in the workplace due to noisy work environments, difficulty in scheduling calls and, well they can be a bit of a hassle to set up.  But conference calls can be really beneficial in the workplace; they provide an efficient alternative to face-to-face meetings; they make it easier and quicker to come to a conclusion or solve a problem; and provide a much better environment for opinions to be voiced and understood, unlike email communication.

The new ‘Just Call Me’ business app from O2 Business could change the way you see conference calls as it makes them as easy as they can be – a simple, hassle free solution that does away with confusing dial-in details and hidden costs.Without replacing the traditional phone system for small business it can totaly reinvent it. The app can host a call for up to 20 participants. The host can plan, organise and schedule calls directly from the app, accept or decline calls, as well as control multiple calls conferences at the same time.

‘Just Call Me’ will free up chunks of your time as well as provide a hassle free alternative to email overload. It’s as easy as a simple phone-call, and what’s more, others don’t need to have the app. When people call you at the time you’ve agreed, they’ll dial straight into your call. You can thank O2 for that. The app is available exclusively to O2 Business customers for just £5/month.