How Smartphones Have Evolved The Property Market

No matter which way you shake it, the popularity of smartphones is changing the nature of most industries.

The property market is no exception, with the rate of online property searches conducted through mobiles having risen by 30% in the last 12 months. This medium has grown at nearly three times the rate of the traditional desktop, making smartphones the device of choice for reviewing and bidding on property.

This offers a brief but telling insight into the modern property market, and more specifically how smartphones have triggered a widespread evolution in real estate. This is creating a more fluid and efficient marketplace, while it is also impacting on the experience of both vendors and buyers alike.

So how exactly have smartphones changed the property market in the UK? You can find more details in the link, but here are three examples:

Reduce The Cost Of Selling Property

Online estate agents have capitalised on the rising use of smartphones, by developing mobile-friendly websites that are easily accessible through mobile handsets. The primary benefit of these service providers (apart from their ease of access, use and navigation) is the fact that they charge fixed prices of between £300 and £1000, as opposed to adopting the more costly approach of requesting a percentage of the final sale price. From my own experience, I found that the cost to sell my house was reduced dramatically.

Cut The Time Taken To Source Viable Houses

Traditionally, property searches required you to spend time sat a desktop before you visited your chosen structures in person. This has changed with the advent of mobile technology, however, as you can now use idle time in between tasks to search and compare the market through your smartphone via services like RightMove. Whether you do this during your daily commute or in-between meetings, this allows you to save time and ultimately enjoy a more productive working day. This also translates into financial savings and improved productivity over time, which is something that will benefit every single individual in the UK.

Visualise The Interior Of Your New Home

On a similar note, the emergence of video marketing has enabled vendors to host virtual tours of their home online. This technological breakthrough has subsequently been built upon by app developers, who have taken the opportunity to create mobile tools that can help you to visualise how your furniture would fit into a prospective new home or living space. Similarly, you could also create accurate visual representations of how a particular property would look if it was to undergo certain modifications, and these applications would enable you to create a more informed decision before making a final purchase.