Going Abroad? What Vodafone Customers Need To Know

The summer is here (well, it is for everywhere outside of the United Kingdom, it seems) and holidays to exciting, exotic and fascinating new lands may well be approaching. With it, however, comes to common headache of using your smartphone abroad.

International call and texting rates are significantly higher than they are in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the data roaming charges one can accumulate in a foreign country are enough to leave you a nervous wreck (some have been known to – completely by accident – rack up hundreds of pounds worth of data costs by browsing the internet or simply leaving their 3G connected). This occurs on Vodafone as well as all the other mobile networks in the United Kingdom.

Customers will have different requirements with each mobile provider – whether it’s 02, EE, etc. But we have decided to tackle one specific telecoms company, Vodafone, and answer the questions people might have about using their services outside the UK. So, here is everything you need to know about using Vodafone when going abroad.

What Are The Vodafone Charges Abroad?

This very much depends on where you are going – sufficed to say that calling, internet browsing and texting abroad using Vodafone costs much more than it would be in the UK. The Vodafone official website has a searchable list of all their international costs for when you are traveling. Otherwise, you can find out more about international charges by calling the Vodafone customer service team.

How To Avoid Huge Data Costs While Abroad

This is the one you really want to be aware of. Using Vodafone data abroad can lead to enormous bills – as it would with every other mobile phone provider. However, you can avoid them by switching off data roaming on your phone or tablet. This will render you unable to connect to mobile internet, only wireless networks from which internet usage is free. All devices should give you this ability in your settings.

How Do I Make Calls Back Home With Vodafone?

Same as every other mobile phone – simply replace the 0 at the start of your contact’s phone number with the code of the country in which they are located. For the UK, you just have to remove the 0 and switch it with +44.

Can I Check My Vodafone Voicemail Abroad?

You can. If you don’t want to miss any important messages from friends, family or the office, Vodafone makes it very simple to check your voicemail when you are in a foreign country. You can simply can 121 or ring +4478 3612 1121 to listen to your inbox.

What Is The Vodafone EuroTraveller Service?

If you plan on using your phone for calling, texting and browsing while you are abroad, you may be interested in investing in the EuroTraveller service. This will allow you to take all your current UK allowance with you around Europe for just an extra £3 per day, allowing you the same access to Vodafone calls, texting and data abroad as you would have back home. You can opt into this by texting ADD to 40506 or by calling 5555. You can then opt out when you return by texting REMOVE to the very same number. The Vodafone EutoTraveller isn’t available everywhere in Europe though, and for a list of all locations you can check out this PDF.