How To Get The Most Out Of Your O2 Contract With These Useful Perks

When we sign up with a network provider, it’s usually because of their price, reputation or strength of signal. We often overlook all the extra perks and benefits these companies roll out. Sure, some of them aim to get you to pay more in the long run, but not all of them.

O2 have some pretty cool and useful add-ons that you’ll never have to pay for. Here are some that you may or may not know about, that’ll help you make the most out of your contract.

O2 Refresh

These days, most expensive phones are offered on a 24 month contract, but it’s frustrating when they bring out a new top-of-the-range phone and you’re only half way through. The good news is, all O2 contracts are now O2 refresh, which means that you can upgrade as early as you want. O2 refresh allows you to pay your device plan and airtime plan separately, so if you fancy an upgrade to the new Samsung 6, you just need to pay off your device plan, while continuing to pay your monthly airtime plan. If you’re still on a standard tariff, upgrade to O2 Refresh now and you’ll get 25% off your remaining contract.

O2 Priority Moments

This is an oldie, but you mustn’t forget to use it, and it’s not just priority gig and concert tickets. They’ve added discounts on certain shops and experiences too, including daily treats like £1 lunches on Mondays plus loads of chances to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Also, by downloading the app, you can find deals that are near you.

O2 Angels

O2 Angels can be found at all O2 events, and are meant to provide unparalleled customer service. These winged wonders are there to help and will go out of their way to make your experience extra-special.  Angels are also themed to fit in with the performance you’re going to. Whether divas for Beyoncé or rock stars for Kings of Leon, keep an eye out for them, because if you haven’t been able to buy a ticket to see your favourite performer, O2 Angels have been known to offer Random Acts of Kindness.

O2 Recycle

If you’ve just upgraded and now have a spare phone, O2 Recycle gives you cash for it that could go towards the payment of your new phone. It’s not just phones either, you can recycle MP3 players, tablets, cameras and other gadgets. What’s more, it’s free postage and they’ll match any other deal around. That’s one way of paying for your new phone. Find out how much your gadget is worth here.

O2 Train Travel

This app is great for those who commute regularly. It allows you to check timetables, find the fastest routes and cheapest fares, and you can also book tickets in advance, using your credit/debit card. On certain routes, you can even go paperless with a barcode as your ticket. It’s all getting quite fancy isn’t it?

O2 Wifi

If you tend to gobble up all your data, then this is a great perk. In certain places throughout the UK, O2 have Wifi hotspots that you can use for free. Download the app and register, and it’ll tell you all of the places nearby that have O2 Wifi. This could come in really handy, and it’s also up to ten times faster than a normal mobile connection. What’s more, once you’re signed up, that’s it. It’ll automatically connect to any O2 Wifi hotspots within range. You don’t even have to have an O2 account either.

Tu Go

Tu go let’s you call and text even if you don’t have a signal, by using wifi. You can also call and text from abroad without having to pay additional charges. And if your phones out of battery, you can access any texts or calls from your tablet or other device. This app is really useful for those awkward moments in life. One to remember, just in case.

My O2

If you’ve not done already, you absolutely need to download this app. If you’re with O2 then you’ll have it somewhere among the rest of your apps. Don’t cast it aside as an app you’ll never use. This app is the single, most useful app you’ll ever have in your O2 life. It lets you know exactly what you’ve been spending, who you’re spending it on, how much data you have left, what you’ve bought and how long until you can upgrade. Having access to all this data will save you so much money and time, and give you 100% peace of mind. Use it!