Everything You Need To Know About Tesco Clubcard

If you have ever shopped at Tesco you will likely have been asked if you own a Clubcard. But what is it? And is it something that could be valuable to you? We have answered all the questions you might need to know about one below:

How do I apply to get a Tesco clubcard?

There are many ways that someone can register from a clubcard from Tesco. You can either do it online through the official Tesco website, by texting the word ‘register’ to 80580 or by giving the clubcard team a ring. Applications are also available in store which customers can complete.

How does the points system work?

Every time you scan your clubcard when you purchase something from Tesco or its partners you will accrue points. For instance, you will gain one point for every £2 spent on petrol from Tesco, one point for every £4 placed into a Tesco bank account every month and one point for every £1 spent with a Tesco mobile. Some examples of official partners were clubcard points can be gained include LivingSocial, Eon and Esso. You can collect up to 30,000 points in total. For every 150 points you receive you will get £1.50 in vouchers. You can check your clubcard points online or you can find out in store.

What do I do if I have lost my clubcard?

If you have lost your clubcard or it has been stolen, and you are concerned about missing out on all the points you have accrued, you shouldn’t worry. You will be able to order a replacement by logging into your account, go to My Clubcard Account and select My Account Details. From this screen you will be able to get a replacement. If you cannot log into your account, you can contact Tesco’s number for clubcard enquiries.

What if I need to change my address on a Tesco clubcard?

Changes of address are very common with clubcard holders so that vouchers can still be received even after you have moved home. As with replacing your card, this can either be done online or over the phone. If you wish to speak to a Tesco representative you can get in touch by calling 0844 453 0136. Otherwise, log into your Tesco account, go to My Account Details and then My Personal Details.

What do I do if there is a problem with my points?

If you feel your points are incorrect or you cannot see your points, get in touch with Tesco and they will investigate the matter.

What is the Tesco clubcard boost?

If you choose to use clubcard boost, the value of the vouchers you receive will be up to four times higher in specific departments or areas you select from. For instance, if you wish to just use the vouchers exclusively on home and essentials, travel or eating out you will get much better offers on booster partners in these areas than you would using them with all Tesco products and brands. Some partners you can ‘boost’ with include Hilton, Pizza Express, Thorpe Park and more.

What are clubcard perks?

As a thank you to Tesco clubcard holders, Tesco offers certain perks to its customers. If you use the Tesco clubcard website you will be able to find a tab named Clubcard Perks where you can select from various exciting offers. These cannot be resold.

What is the Christmas deal for Tesco clubcard?

Christmas is an expensive time of year. Therefore, Tesco offers the chance for people to save their points throughout the year to be used at Christmas. All your vouchers will arrive in perfect time for the season.