Compare The Market, Claim The Meerkat. Simples.

Made famous by their charming, talkative meerkat mascots, Compare the Market is one of the most-visited price comparison websites in the UK. Thanks to a cast of quirky characters and clever use of advertising and branding, they stand apart from the likes of Go Compare, whose primary identifier to the public is the appallingly annoying Go Compare Man, or, who have dispensed with the concept of a mascot altogether and who presumably don’t have any meerkat-based revenue at all.

There are certainly not a lot of characters around who are more recognisable and loveable than Aleksandr, the cheery meerkat aristocrat, and his long-suffering furry staff, and to make the most of their fuzzy spokeskats, Compare the Market is now offering a meerkat cuddly toy of any one of their characters free with the purchase of a policy through their site.

You aren’t fooling anyone, so don’t pretend you don’t want one. Here’s how to get yours.

The first step is to head over to the Compare the Market main page. Once you’re there, you can look through home insurance, car insurance, energy providers, life insurance, credit cards and travel insurance. Unfortunately, travel insurance doesn’t come with a meerkat toy, so don’t worry about that one! Unless you actually need travel insurance, I guess.

Adapting to what you’re looking for, compare the market will help you differentiate between the often overwhelming number of rival product providers and easily find the best deal to suit you. Once that’s done, and you have thoroughly compared the market, it’s time to complete your purchase and get on to more important matters: namely choosing which of the adorable little devils to take home with you.

So once you’ve settled on a service, click through to the product provider and make your purchase, then go to Compare The Market to make your claim!

Once on, you’ll have the option (accessable via a bar at the top of the page) to check out the different meerkat characters available, and to read up on their backstory, likes and dislikes, personality and relationship with the other characters. As Compare the Market continues to runĀ Meerkat Movies and advertise using short series of adverts on TV, more characters will appear and existing characters will get bigger and better, so the choice will only get harder as time goes on. At time of writing there’s a choice of six characters, with occasional limited-edition toys appearing and disappearing as time goes by. The choice is a difficult one, but once it’s made you’re one step closer to proudly holding your very own meerkat, so choose wisely!

You’ll be asked to select the service you bought, and input your details and delivery address for your meerkat, and then before you know it, there’ll be a adorable plush Aleksandr or Sergei waiting on your doorstep one morning.


Got a question? Wondering about markets and meerkats? Give Compare the Market a call or check out the site.