How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership After Prime Day

If you signed up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime just so you can take part in Prime Day, you mustn’t forget to cancel before the trial ends. Otherwise you could end up paying a monthly fee that adds up to £79 for the year.

Thousands of people in the UK sign up to things and then forget about them. So even if you don’t think you signed up for Amazon wittingly, you should still make sure that you’re not signed up. For example, many people, when purchasing from Amazon select the ‘free next day delivery’ option, fail to realise that in doing so they have signed themselves up to the free trial. Others do so purposely but then forget to cancel before the 30 days are up, by which time they’ll have been upgraded to the full paid-for membership. Either way, you’ll need to know your options and how you can cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

Don’t get us wrong, there are many reasons why one would sign up to Amazon Prime. You get access to a wide range of movies; there are member discounts to be had on digital music downloads and film rentals when you choose standard rather than next-day delivery; and LoveFilm By Post users can also cut their monthly costs by upgrading to Prime. But it’s not for everybody, and if Prime doesn’t make sense to you, it might not be worth the money.

How to check if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime

Not sure if you’re subscribed or not? It’s easy enough to check. First you should check any bank statements to see if Amazon has taken any money out of your account. Or alternatively, just log in to Amazon. Click ‘Your Account’ at the top left of the screen. Go to ‘Settings’ (third box down) then under the ‘Account Settings’ you should find ‘Manage Prime Membership’. If you click this link it should take you to another page with details of if and when you signed up to Amazon Prime.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime if you’ve already paid

If you are definitely signed up and have paid, don’t worry. It’s pretty simple to cancel your membership. Log in to Amazon and navigate to ‘Manage Prime Membership’ as described above. Underneath your sign up details and the date that the next payment will be taking out of your bank you’ll find the ‘End Membership’ button. Click it.

Once you’ve clicked it, Amazon will give you three options; ‘Change Membership’ (to the cheaper option); ‘Remind Me Later’ (which will warn you three days before your membership is set to renew); and ‘End Membership’ (where you can either terminate your membership immediately or cancel the automatic membership renewal). You may find that ending your membership is pointless at this time, especially if you have just paid for the year. In this case, cancelling the automatic renewal is the better option.

How to end your Amazon Prime free trial before you get upgraded (and charged)

To avoid payment, it’s best to be vigilant and see to it that your membership ends after your free trial. To do this, follow the instructions above to get to your ‘Manage Prime Membership’ page. Find ‘Do Not Continue’ and click it. By clicking this option, your membership will expire on the date shown.

This page also offers two more options: ‘Remind Me Later’ (which you should just ignore) and ‘Change Membership’. This option is for those interested in downgrading to the Prime Instant Video membership, which will give you access to Amazon’s wide selection of videos for £5.99 per month but nothing else.

How to get a refund from your Amazon Prime Membership (that you didn’t want)

It seems unfair to be charged for something you’re not using. The people at Amazon realize this and so will offer a refund to those who haven’t placed any order using the benefits from their Amazon Prime membership. You should automatically be refunded once you cancel your membership. If not, you can give them a call and set it in motion.