How Businesses Can Cut Telecoms Costs

Telecommunication systems are virtually essential for any small business, especially the ones that have call back service. Whether it’s a fast broadband connection, or a great mobile phone deal, many SMEs in the UK would struggle to fully function without the telecoms they use day to day.

Because telecoms are such an important part of running a business, many small business owners often end up paying more than they’d like to for these services – simply being connected is prioritised ahead of being connected for a reasonable price. However, there are a number of practical ways that you can cut your telecom costs, meaning you’ll have money to better spend elsewhere. Take a look at the following tips, and see if you can save money for your business.

Minimise your usage

The most obvious way to reduce your telecoms cost is simply to minimise your usage – the less you use, the lower your charges should be. This may sound like it’s easier said than done, but remember that you don’t actually have to reduce the amount you communicate to do this – just reduce the amount you use the more expensive communication channels. For example, using e-mails or Skype for internal communications reduces the need for staff members to call each other. Also, make the most of social media to connect with your customers. If a customer knows that they can get answers to a question, or help with an issue by tweeting you, then they may be less likely to phone you.

Avoid premium numbers

Your business may spend a lot of money on premium rate phone numbers, such as those beginning with 0800 or 0870. You can avoid this by using websites such as Say No To 0870, or for mobiles, downloading apps such as 0800 Wizard.

Get on the right plan

Make sure that the plans and packages you are on are right for your business. This will depend on the nature of your business and which telecoms you use the most. For example, if most of your business’s work is carried out online, then you probably need to prioritise the speed and quality of your broadband ahead of your landlines. In contrast, if the vast majority of the phone calls your business makes are to local numbers, in which case you would probably benefit from a package that offers this for free. There is not much point paying for telecom services or features that you don’t actually need.

Compare and switch

It quite often pays off to switch your provider completely, as you are generally more valuable as a new customer to another company, than you are as an existing customer to your current company. Companies such as Make It Cheaper provide switching services, so that you have to do very little work yourself, and you get the benefit of competitive prices and deals.

So, if you feel like your business is spending too much on all-important telecoms, there’s no need to worry. There are a number of ways that you can reduce the cost of your business telecom bills – from reducing the amount you use, to switching your provider. Why not try some of the above tips, and see if you can save your business money?

Hannah Corbett is a content writer with an interest in small business and start up. To keep up with current SME news and information, follow her on Twitter, or connect on Google Plus.