The Best Cheap Smartphones You Can Buy

Contacts, data packages, apps — smartphones can be an expensive investment. However, whether you are looking for your child’s first phone and don’t want to break the bank or you are simply watching your wallet in these times of austerity there are a number of exceptional cheap smartphones available to buy. But which gives the best value for money? We looked at everything from design and interface to battery life and storage space to provide the definitive look at the best cheap smartphones you can buy right now.

4. Sony Xperia M – £125-150

Best Cheap Smartphones

Sony have cut some corners with the Xperia M to make a cheaper model of the Xperia Z. They have swapped the glass front and rear of the latter for a cheaper plastic casing. They have also removed the waterproof coat. However, with a 854×480 resolution (the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2) it’s nonetheless a great device for performing the basic things a smartphone should do. You can also download more features from the Google Play store, but be aware that there is only a small 4 GB of memory, so room is limited on these cheap smartphones.

3. Huawei Ascend Y300 – £85-100

Best Cheap Smartphones

The Ascend Y300 from Huawei (pronounced ‘wah-way’) is a smartphone that provides no thrills and takes no risks; they simply get the job done. These cheap smartphones give you absolutely everything you might expect for the price and nothing more. They come with a decent 1 GHz dual core processor, runs with Android 4.1, and has a small memory of 2 GB that can be extended if need be with its mirco SD card slot. The design is simple but effective too and the phone lasts a fair 12 hours for the casual user.

2. Nokia Lumia 520 – £70-100

The most appealing thing about the Nokia Lumia 520 is that they don’t look like cheap smartphones. There’s no need to hide this handset under your desk while you text, afraid of the jeering remarks your co-workers might throw your way. This is a phone you can display loud and proud and no-one will ever know it cost just £70-100. It also looks so similar to the expensive Lumia 920 that you could easily tell a little white lie if you wanted to gain some extra street cred. As for the features, the Nokia Lumia 520 packs a 1 GHz dual core processor that promises smooth performance and a good 5 megapixel camera. Its only flaws are the short battery life and limited app store.

1. Moto G – £140-160

Best Cheap Smartphones

No one quite expected Motorola to make the finest of the cheap smartphones on the market. However, when they released the Moto G in November 2013, the enormous range of features and excellent usability made the phone a steal for just £130 at 8GB or £150 at 16GB. The Moto G has a lovely design made up of soft edges, a big screen and a customisable rear panel. The battery life lasts a full 24 hours and it also boasts a waterproof coat in case you are caught in the rain. What’s more: despite being only a third of the price of an Apple iPhone 5s it has a higher resolution of 1280 x 720. Unlike other smartphones within this price bracket, the Moto G has a huge memory capacity too. It comes with 50GB of cloud storage space. The biggest compliment one can give of the Moto G is that they are not just great cheap smartphones; they are great smartphones full stop.