A Peek At Samsung’s Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

Samsung have let the cat out of the bag with the launch of their Samsung S6 and Samsung Edge, and it seems they’ve been taking style tips from their rival smart phone, the iphone 6. Let’s delve a little deeper and check things out.

Design Features

Samsung seem to have taken on-board common complaints made by users of the Samsung S5, who said that the plasticky design made the S5 look more like a toy than a high-end smart phone. As a result, its design has changed quite dramatically, and has clearly took inspiration from the design of it’s rival, the iphone 6. It’s slim, seamless design, full metal and Gorilla glass construction gives the S6 a much more luxurious feel.

Unique design features of the Edge include dual curved edges, and both smart phones have an array of metallic colours, including gold, blue and green, all over this time, (not just on the back cover.) These additional design features give both phones a more stylish, high-end look, and now the S6 actually looks like the price you’d pay for it.

Key Improvements

Samsung claim that both the S6 and the Edge provide a much crisper quality, with a 5.1 QHD Super AMOLED display, (fancy!) and real RGB colour, which delivers high quality, life-like images and film.

Another mod-con they’ve introduced is smarter charging. Charge your phone for 10 minutes and it’ll give you 4hrs of usage. This sounds like a clever improvement that users will love. There’s also an option to charge wirelessly…interesting.

Camera-wise, Samsung have upgraded it to an impressive 16mp, and the front camera – 5mp. It also promises a launch time of up to 0.7 seconds, with fast tracking and auto-focus, as well as improved picture results in low-light.

After immense criticism of the S5’s lackluster fingerprint technology, it has definitely been improved. Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge now feature next generation fingerprint sensors that operate with a touch instead of a swipe. They are far more accurate too, and Samsung have built their biometric security into the heart of the phones TouchWiz interface, covering everything from unlocking the screen to mobile transactions.

The announcement of ‘Samsung Pay’ is also exciting because as well as matching the touch transactions used on Apple Pay, it can also be used to pay via magnet strip payments simply by holding your phone near the payment terminal.

The New iphone 6?

The Galaxy S6 is easily their best handset to date, but how does it stack up to the king of all smartphones – the iphone 6?

Size + Weight

As far as size and weight are concerned, they are pretty much the same, with the Samsung just a a tad bigger. The S6’s measurements are 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.28 inches, and weighs in at just 4.7 ounces. The iphone 6 comes in at 5.4 x 2.6 x 0.27 inches and weighs 4.6 ounces. Samsung just beats iphone in scale due to it’s 5.0 inch screen size. The iphone’s is only 4.7 inches, but there’s really not much in it.


So, the Samsung Galaxy has had an upscale makeover, and we’ve got to say it’s looking pretty dapper. Gone is the plastic and faux metal. Instead it’s been adorned with heavy-duty Gorilla glass, and coated front and rear metal panels. The only problem with metal back is the fact that its unable to be removed, which could upset Samsung fans.

The iphone 6 however, has always prided itself on it’s looks, and it is a good-looking phone. Its never had the option of removing it’s back, whether that’s a good thing or not for iphone users, we don’t know, but we think Samsung might just take it this time.


The Samsung S6’s QHD Super AMOLED (Active Matrix of Organic Light-emitting Diodes) screen is not only sharp, it’s also ridiculously colourful and vivid. However, the iphone’s retina HD screen is among the best in the market. This one is difficult to tell.


With its new 16 mp and improved low-light image quality, the Samsung S6 could topple Apple’s reign. The heart rate monitor on the Samsung also measures ambient lighting and the camera app itself is much faster than its predecessors.

The iphone 6 has an improved 8 mp camera too, and is still one of the best smartphone cameras you will find. It’ll take a lot for Samsung to take its crown.


Samsung’s decision to get rid of the removable battery is sure to anger some Samsung fans, who enjoyed having the stability of a spare battery, just in case. Instead, Samsung have decided to stick with a non-removable powerplant that is said to charge remarkably quickly, and let’s not forget their battery saving technology.

The iphone 6’s battery is smaller than Samsung’s but thanks to it’s power management features, is still able to last all day. Even though on paper, Samsung seem to have the better battery solution, this fight can only really be determined by a full battery life test.


The S6 and S6 Edge lose durability points as they are no longer water resistant like the Galaxy S5. Samsung have yet to give a reason why, but it seems a strange decision to drop another excellent differentiator. Then again, the iphone 6 also has a metal back, and iphone’s in general are notorious for cracking and smashing. We guess that’s the price you pay for prioritising looks over durability.


Iphone’s operating system IOS 8, despite having a few bugs in the early stages, is easy to use, with a straightforward design that makes it one of the best around. And what it lacks in personalisation and customisation, it makes up for in reliability and neat interface.

The Samsung S6 runs on a modified version of Android 5.0 Lollipop called Touchwiz. They say it’s now less clunky and easier to understand, while still keeping its personality. Those who’ve had time with the phone already say that it certainly feels a lot faster and lighter. As far as better, we’ll need to wait until we can really dig deeper into the phone.

The only potential flaws we can see is being unable to remove the back and the elimination of changeable batteries. Other than that, it seems Samsung have come up with a beauty that definitely has the potential to knock Apple off it’s high horse. We’ll just have to wait and see.