9 Amazing Websites For Nostalgia Junkies

It’s hard to think of a time when the internet wasn’t around, but there definitely was a time. A happier and much simpler time, filled with things we deeply miss and think fondly of, that symbolised the very essence of our youth.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way we could re-live those days, even if it’s just to remind ourselves of things we may have forgotten about. Oh wait, there is! We scoured the internet for hours, (and we didn’t enjoy it at all,) to find these amazingly nostalgic websites that’ll take you back in time. Enjoy!

The Nostalgia Machine


Choose a year from your childhood, and this website will give you all the popular songs from that year. Even the ones you’d forgotten about. The machine provides you with instant fuzziness, but be careful, as you could end up on this site for a very long time.

Retro Planet

Retro Planet is an online shop where you can buy all sorts of memorabilia and retro products, from wall decor to vintage toys. Search by brand, decade, room or theme to find what you’re looking for. You’re sure to spend a lot of your wages in this tempting virtual store.

Retro Sweets

They don’t do sweets like they used to. Maybe there’s a reason for that, but anyhow, if you loved your Liquorice, Bonbons and Pear drops, you need to visit retro-sweet. You can buy hampers, boxes, jars, bags and even bouquets of all your old favourites. They’d make amazing gifts, too!

Retro Movies

Whatever you do, don’t put ‘retro movies’ into Google. Just saying. Do go to this website though, it specialises in old TV shows and movies. You can’t watch them on here, but you might find a forgotten gem that you can download from another site (legally, of course.)

Retro-video-Gaming Blog

Okay, so this girl was absolutely robbed of her childhood, she was never given any video games as a child. So when she got old enough she started to re-discover all the old classics that she’d missed out on. Follow her and witness the same sheer delight and enthusiasm that you once had for the video games she plays by reading her game reviews. She also includes lots of visuals for your viewing pleasure.


Funstock is where you can buy all the retro games that ever existed in the history of gaming; home consoles; handheld consoles; downloads. You can even buy merchandise and accessories to go with it, and old board games and books, too. Something tells us that this could potentially do some serious damage to ones bank account.



Also available as an app, this website comprises video footage from past events, movies, TV shows, music, commercials and news. Take a stroll down memory lane by dragging the arrow to any year between now and 1860, and see whats on.

Urban Outfitters

I know what you’re thinking – urban outfitters is pretty new and trendy, but it has a great vintage section, especially in the home and tech department. Get browsing and start making a wishlist of things you want to decorate your space with. Their products are amazing, and they have everything from polaroid cameras to retro furniture.