8 Tech Vlogs You Definitely Need To Subscribe To On Youtube

Youtube stopped being totally useless a while ago now, and actually (due to the people uploading content) it can be quite useful and interesting, not to mention entertaining. The UK is one of the global leaders in vlogging. Thousands flock to youtube everyday to tune in to these content uploaders, otherwise known to the tech world as ‘Vloggers’.

They vlog (video blog) about everything, but there are certain niches that have emerged, such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and one that we’re really interested in – tech. The vlogging world can be quite exciting, and although many of the popular and novice vloggers Buy Views, there still are genuine one’s that thrive to impart knowledge to their viewers/audiences. If you’re into anything tech-related or geeky, here are some tech vloggers/vlog channels we think you’d love.

Android Authority

As you can probably tell by the name, this vlog is all about Android, and is brought to you by a team of people dedicated to delivering the newest and most reliable information regarding Android. If you’re an Android lover,  this vlog will be great for you, as on it they; discuss new updates and features; do phone comparisons and reviews; give you tips and tricks for your android phone.

  • 1,082,231 subscribers



Lockergnome is the vlogging platform of self-confessed geek, Chris Pirillo. He gives you “geek news, reviews and answers that you can use.” His upbeat and fun personality also makes you want to stick around. He has three channels, but this one is focused on gadgets, software and other techy stuff.

  • 33,547 subscribers



Strictly hardcore tech is what you get with Cnet. From gadgets to TV’s to cars, they offer product reviews, exclusive interviews and tutorials. They also do a great job of covering big events like CES, by uploading informative videos of what you can find there.

  • 815,215 subscribers



This vlog is an alternative to Android Authority, as vlogger, Ty Moss, talks about anything related to Apple. He teaches viewers everything there is to know about iphones, ipods, ipads and Apple tvs. He also reviews other products on the market that are competing against Apple, and throws in a few gadget reviews and show n’ tells for good measure.

  • 448,785 subscribers


Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is one of the most popular tech channels on youtube, with almost 2 million subscribers, and it’s not difficult to see why. The channel has a distinct, edgy style and the main vlogger is a natural presenter. The channel seems expertly done and very watchable. See Lou un-boxing various tech products and giving reviews on others. If you get bored of that, you can also see him being cute with his 4 year old son. (N’aww!)

  • 1,759,661 subscribers



Okay, so this Ukrainian Vlogger is a little on the dangerous side. The whole premise behind his vlog is destroying popular tech products that we all know and love. Why? Just for the sheer hell of it, and to see what would actually happen. We can’t do it to our own beloved items, so it’s TV gold to watch someone else do it.

  • 1,233,951 subscribers



A great Vlog and website that teaches you how to hack certain aspects of your life, and get exactly what you want from it, by making things 10x easier. They cover things like, ‘how to jailbreak your phone’, and generally offer solutions to many of life’s miniature problems, from computers to opening a beer bottle with a piece of paper. Whether you want to be more productive or just have fun, you can find out how to do almost anything on this Vlog.


  • 199,132 subscribers


Smosh Games

Us tech guys don’t just want to look at tech stuff all the time, we do like to have fun and watch ridiculous videos too. That’s why we’re including this vlog. It’s full of weird and wonderful, hilarious videos, some tech/game-based, others not so much.  Nevertheless, this bunch are very entertaining.

  • 19,665,570 subscribers


This list includes tech vlogs that we think are worthy of a ‘view’ or even a ‘subscribe’. If you have any suggestions, or think we’ve missed any out, let us know in the comments.