The 7 Worst Types Of Twitter Users And How To Avoid Them

Twitter is an incredible tool. The social network has connected the world in a way that few would have previously thought possible bringing everyone from celebrities and politicians to students and workers together. With the ability to say something that millions of people can see, Twitter has the power to instigate huge social change and bring down governments. In fact, it already has.

However, while there are eye-opening, entertaining and hilarious things to find on Twitter every day, there are also certain types of people that abuse the network and use it for all the wrong reasons. Those of us who use the site on a regular basis will know exactly who they are, and perhaps will have also learned some tips to avoid them. So, here are the 7 worst kinds of Twitter users and how to keep them at a distance.

1. Celebrity Stalkers

Celebrities are probably the dullest people on Twitter. And yet there are thousands and thousands of users who do nothing but obsess over the latest update from Kim Kardashian or what Katy Perry had for breakfast. Somehow, it has escalated to the point where each fan base of Twitter users is in conflict with other fan bases, competing for which of their celebrity obsessions gets the most attention online. It’s a thoroughly depressing subculture of the social networking website. If you can avoid celebs and their stalkers, you will be doing yourself and your sanity a huge favour.

2. Humble Braggers


Allow us to explain the concept of the ‘humblebrag’. The term was coined by the writer of the very funny American comedy show Parks And Recreation. He used it to describe people who intend to brag to their followers about something that has happened to them in the hope they’ll come across as exceedingly cool or successful. However, they do it in a way that attempts to disguise their brag behind a thin veneer of modesty. One of the most famous examples comes from basketball player Steve Nash who tweeted “That’s weird. I just got an email from Kanye West”, attempting the brag about his connection to the award winning rapper but hiding it behind the statement “that’s weird”.

3. #TeamFollowBack

The members of Team Follow Back do nothing, literally nothing, other than inform Twitter users that, if followed, they will follow back. The aim is that the members of Team Follow Back will all follow each other and accumulate an enormous amount of followers. For what purpose? Are they promoting themselves or a brand? Seemingly, there is no purpose. It’s just an online popularity contest to get the most followers, and one that ultimately means nothing when you’ve essentially earned it through favour. Avoiding these people is, thankfully, easy though. As they tweet nothing else but shameless pleas for followers, you can spot them a mile off.

4. Twitter Thieves

Whenever news breaks on social media and becomes a trending topic, you can guarantee there will be some hilarious responses from Twitter users. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s one of the great things about using the social network. However, what’s infuriating is how the same tweets will be regurgitated over and over again by some users who don’t have the creativity to come up with their own responses. These people, not unlike the aforementioned Team Follow Back, do so because they are desperate for retweets and followers from those clicking on the trending topic. They’re so desperate that they resort to piggy-backing on others’ ideas.

5. Trolls

People on the internet can be awful. Being able to hide behind a computer somehow manages to convince a minority of Twitter users that it’s okay to send abusive, mean-spirited messages to others on the social network. Sadly, many of us who use Twitter will have been the victim of these trolls. It can be disheartening and depressing to experience. So how do you avoid them in the future? The saying is true: Don’t feed the trolls. Ignore them, block them, and they will simply go away.

6. Spambots


You’ve just sent a tweet and almost immediately there’s a notification. Excited, you click to see what one of your followers has to say about your latest musing. Maybe they’ve retweeted it to their followers. At the very least, they might have favourited it. But no, what you’ve got is just a spam message from a bot. It’s very easy to spot when you’re being targeted by a spambot. They probably have a suggestive profile picture, send the same tweets to everyone and follow way more people than follow them back. However, avoiding them is a little harder as the very nature Twitter allows everyone to interact with each other. To shut down the bots once and for all, you would have to privatise your entire profile.

7. Constant Tweeters

There are some people who tweet so much you can barely see anyone else on your timeline. No matter how far down you scroll, no matter what time of day you log on, they are constantly there documenting every single moment of their lives. Even at their most entertaining (the profile shown above detailing ‘ecliptical positions of the astrological ascendant’ might have been interesting had they not tweeted 50 times a minute) following these types of Twitter users makes being on the social networking website a nightmare. Suddenly your entire experience is dominated by them and what they are thinking or doing. If you see a user who has thousands of tweets and the oldest on his page is an hour old, avoid them at all costs.