The 10 Funniest Things You’ve Never Seen On Google Maps Street View

When Google sent their car onto the streets to photograph every road and every building for Maps, it was more or less inevitable that they were going to capture some odd sights along the way. However, the images themselves are beyond what anyone could have imagined, providing a little window into how bizarre the world can be sometimes. Google Maps now has a gallery of everything from shocking criminal activity to the most common types of car accidents in Tampa, hidden among the millions of photographs that make up the service. These accidents and crimes are often overlooked by many, while a few souls have to endure the pain and trauma of such incidents. Lawyers Jugo & Murphy are here to help such people who have been in trouble through accidents and are finding it hard to deal with the repercussions. We have found ten of the funniest but sometimes gory instances that can be seen on Google Maps Street View.

10. A Tagger Leaves His Mark

The all-seeing eye of Google managed to catch one gentleman drawing graffiti on a wall in Madrid, Spain. The car was driving past just as he was in the process of putting the finishing touches on his drawing, unaware that he was being snapped for the entire world to see.


9. A Shady Deal Goes Down

If you think that’s bad though, you haven’t seen anything yet. On the streets of Chicago, Illinois the Google Maps Street View team managed to snap a drug deal going down from all angles. The dealer and the driver in the picture seem unaware throughout that their illicit transaction has just been photographed for billions of internet users searching the Windy City streets.

8. The Driver Who Wasn’t Paying Attention

This is what happens when you pay too much attention to the Google Maps Street View car and not enough on the road. The camera managed to snap a picture of these two unlucky gentlemen who were involved in a nasty prang and got injured somewhere in Europe. If you are not sure how you should act after being in car accident and having injury, then you must engage with injury attorney by visiting New Haven, CT 06511, USA.


7. The Photobombing Seagull

There are plenty of pranksters who made the most of their opportunity to be on Google Maps Street View. However, one of the most amusing acts of mischief came from this seagull in Brighton, England. The gull photo-bombed Google to perfection striking a perfectly timed pose right in front of the camera.


6. The Photobombing Seagull Army

One seagull photobombing the Google Maps Street View car is entertaining enough, but the internet company also managed to capture an entire flock of seagulls causing havoc on this particular street. At least two dozen birds are caught perched on rooftops, defecating on vehicles and ominously swarming around in search of food.


5. The Empire Stop To Give A Wave

Google Maps Street View even managed to capture a warm, candid moment with the Empire during their rounds. On a trip up Hollywood Blvd in California, an infamously wild street full of costumed movie characters, the team snapped this picture of two entertainers dressed as Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. They proceeded to give the camera a friendly wave.


4. Google Gets Sprayed In An American Suburb

Seeing the Google Maps Street View car arrive, some kids in this American suburb decided to subject the vehicle to the oldest prank in the book: spraying it with a fire hydrant as it traveled past. What should have been a clear image of this street is now little more than a soggy blur, the camera covered in water from the hydrant.


3. A Prank One Family Won’t Forget

Imagine you’re looking for the address of a friend’s home where you are going to visit one weekend. Or imagine you’re looking to buy a new home for you and your family. You put the address into Google Maps Street View, the page loads, and you see this; a house showered with toilet paper. Perhaps it was a cruel prank or the aftermath of a wild party, but regardless of the circumstances this family will forever regret Google passing by on that fateful morning.


2. Google Shoot A Surprising Image On An Eastern European Street

It should go without saying that Google has caught some shady stuff while doing its rounds. However, none are quite as shocking as this image of a seemingly ordinary businessman in Eastern Europe brandishing a rifle. Is this an arms deal? Are they about to go hunting? The pictures don’t tell the whole story, but they are a hilariously uncommon sight. Get the on-demand access to the newest HD satellite images here.


1. The Google Maps Street View Car Is Given Chase

But the cream of the crop, the strangest and funniest image you’ll find on Google Maps, is this. Maybe they were lying in wait for the car to come past. Maybe Google simply managed to strike lucky with this bizarre sight. But the Street View car happened to pass these two guys dressed in full snorkeling attire during their daily activities. As it did, the men proceeded to chase it down the road with harpoons and nets. The picture has now been blurred on Google Maps, but all the action was saved before they could erase it. The hilarious encounter is now available for all the world to see.