Yorkshire Water Helpline Contact Number

0843 557 3574

Use the Yorkshire Water Number To Contact Them About:

  • Paying your water bill
  • Getting guidance on setting up a water meter
  • Reporting a loss in supply at your home or business

More About Yorkshire Water And Why You Might Need Their Telephone Details

A water supply and treatment company. They service North & South Yorkshire, part of North Lincolnshire and parts of Derbyshire. For all the areas they supply, call the Yorkshire Water contact number.

Like all water companies, it is regulated under the Water Act 1991. The company currently operates 700 water and sewage treatment works and 120 reservoirs. They supply around 1.2 billion litres of water per day, using a unique water grid system to provide water to where it’s needed most. The Yorkshire Water phone number is available if you are experiencing issues with your own water supply.

The company is also one of Yorkshires largest landowners, and are currently working in partnership with communities to provide parks and playgrounds.

Water Meters From Yorkshire Water

There are various advantages and disadvantages to water meters and people decide to get them for various reasons. It is not a requirement to have a water meter with Yorkshire Water, but some prefer to pay for just what they use, rather than a set price, whereas there are others who enjoy the peace of mind of a consistent price no matter how much water they use.

However, if you happen to move into a property that already has a meter fitted, unfortunately, it cannot be removed. Your new water charges will be based off the meter found at the property. The same applies if you have a meter fitted and move house; you will not be able to take the meter with you and may have to have another fitted.

If you are looking at applying for a water meter from Yorkshire Water, and there is a suitable location for it, there could be no charge for installing one. However, if you would prefer to have meter installed in a different location, there would be a charge of £121.17 and VAT.

History of Yorkshire Water

The company began as one of the ten main water authorities in 1973, and was privatised in 1989. The company has had a string of PR disasters over the years, including a year of drought in 1995 and a fine of £119,000 for providing water “unfit for human consumption” in 2000 and again in 2006. The company turned around it’s reputation, and has been awarded the title “Utility Company of the Year” three times, whilst no other company has won it more than once. For more about this, call the Yorkshire Water contact number.

News: Yorkshire Water Delivering Huge Amounts Of Renewable Energy

September 22nd 2014

Yorkshire Water is now producing nearly 80 per cent renewable energy after an enormous £56 million investment. It is a substantial improvement for the North East water provider that is now providing enough renewable energy for three billions cups of tea – close to 65 gigawatt hours this year.

The increase in Yorkshire Water’s renewable energy output will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by a huge amount. There will be nearly 15,000 tonnes less than it has been producing in previous years. In turn, the renewable energy output will help the company reduce the cost of powering its regional sites.

Yorkshire Water’s Chief Executive is delighted with the results. Mr. Richard Flint said: “This is a big step in the right direction for us, not only are we reducing our impact on the environment but also cutting down on power costs at the same time.”

The changes resulted from huge investments made in both the Esholt waste water treatment works in Bradford and the Blackburn Meadows treatment works location in Sheffield. Yorkshire Water also made upgrades in its technology to better remove objects from waste that arrives at the company’s sites.

Richard Flint continued: “Our investment in state of the art sites like Blackburn Meadows and Esholt will also stand us in good stead for decades to come, also reducing the amount of money we’ll need to invest in maintenance and improvements.”


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