Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking Number

0843 557 4801

Headquartered in Leeds, Yorkshire bank is a trading division of Clydesdale Bank, operating mostly in the North of England, particularly Yorkshire. If you need to use Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking, you can do so by calling the handy Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking Number on this page, 0843 557 4801. The Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is partially automated to allow faster response times and additional security to customers.

Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking gives customers every service provided by a physical bank location, at any time and in any place, and so has proven an extremely popular option among customers, alongside internet banking. In the age of declining numbers of bank branches, and hugely boosted numbers using telephone and internet banking, it is a valuable service to set up, and an extremely convenient one to be able to call upon when you need it.

When Would I Need To Call Yorkshire Telephone Banking?

  • Set up telephone banking
  • Make a transfer between accounts
  • Check your current balance
  • Pay bills through telephone banking
  • To make an internet banking enquiry
  • Report your card lost or stolen

What Does Telephone Banking Offer?

The Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking number offers users the chance to completing bank transactions over the telephone, as well as services relating to internet banking and mobile banking apps. This may be preferable for some people, and many consider it to be more secure than transferring details online. The other aspects to telephone banking includes that it is available 24 hours a day, and in areas that have phone signal, but no 3G connection is available.

Yorkshire Bank offers a variety of services, including credit cards, loans, insurance, current accounts, savings, mortgages and foreign currency. The bank was established in 1859 and has continued to grow ever since. It is now a division of Clydesdale Bank, who are owned by the National Australia Bank, and most of the Yorkshire Bank branches operate in the North of England, in Yorkshire in particular. Due to scale back operations, there are estimated job losses of 1400 jobs in Yorkshire Bank from 2012 until 2015, after the National Australia Bank completed its review of its UK businesses.

Alternative Banking Methods From Yorkshire Bank

Although telephone banking from Yorkshire Bank is highly convenient, you may find that you want to use other banking methods over time or in certain situations. There are a selection of other ways you can bank with Yorkshire Bank including mobile banking, internet banking, visiting your local branch or using a nearby ATM.

Mobile banking lets your keep track of your balance and transactions on the go, as well as allowing you to transfer funds to friends and family members, make bill payments and set up text message alerts to help you keep track of your money.

Internet Banking from Yorkshire Bank lets you deal with your finances at a time that is best for you. You are able to pay your bills, transfer money and set up regular outgoing payments from your account. You can also protect your computer with a free download of Rapport security software.

Visiting your local Yorkshire Bank branch allows you to speak face to face with a customer service advisor and offers a collection of useful information about other products from Yorkshire Bank as well as being able deposit cash. You are also free to withdraw cash in branch and check the balances of your accounts.

Your local ATM working in conjunction with Yorkshire Bank offers a range of services such as the ability to check your account balance and withdraw cash, with a daily limit of £300 per day. You can also top up your mobile phone, print out mini statements that show your last 10 transactions. You can also use ATMs to change your card PIN number and at certain branches, you can use them to make deposits too.


What Is Yorkshire Bank Doing To Protect Its Customers From The Financial Crash?

Another market crash came on Friday the 24th June 2016, when Britain voted to leave the EU. With confidence that the UK would vote to remain a member of the European Union, market experts and stockbrokers bet heavily on the value of the pound sterling against the dollar, expecting economic recovery rather than decline. What they got was absolute devastation when the results were read out – the UK had voted out, and the value of the pound immediately nosedived against the dollar, falling by over 10% in a single day. This is the greatest single-day fall the pound has ever seen, and the shocks have been felt throughout the entire world economy.

With the collapse of the pound, the FTSE 100 also saw massive slumps, and nowhere was hit as badly as banks. Barclays saw a drop of 30% in the minutes after the stock market opened, and only managed to claw its way back to 17% as the afternoon wore on. The value of pension investments has already been slashed, and worse is expected to come as the details are hammered out and the market stabilises. Amidst all this, many banks are in panic concerning the financial future and their ability to respond to their customers’ needs.

So what is Yorkshire Bank doing to protect its customers from this financial instability? In these tough times, how can customers be sure that their money and livelihoods are safe?

Yorkshire Bank is responding to the stress with a message of hope – that they will “weather the storm” and come out the other side stronger.

“This is a period of great opportunity as well as great financial risk” says spokesman Raymond Holt of Yorkshire Bank. “The Bank of England stands ready to inject £250 billion into sectors that need the additional funding in the wake of this decision, and will help to protect our banking sector as the banks themselves seek to protect their customers.

Rest assured, Yorkshire Bank is looking at the current financial market very closely and working tirelessly to find the best course of action, with its customers’ safety and financial futures at the heart of our work. With the support of the Bank of England and the stabilising power of the European Central Bank guiding the market through these difficult times, we are confident that our customers will be safe and will have their best interests served.”

If you are worried about the effects of the financial crash and the instability of the market on your money, don’t hesitate to call Yorkshire Bank’s customer contact number, 0843 557 4801 to be put through to a customer service team member. They will be able to explain everything that Yorkshire Bank is doing to keep its customers safe and secure, and the steps they intend to take to ensure growth in the future. As Mr. Holt said in his announcement to the press, Yorkshire Bank will “weather the storm”.


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