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Yahoo UK Services

Yahoo is an American internet corporation known for its web portal, search engine, email service and social media. The Yahoo website provides the latest news, entertainment and sports information. From the homepage, users can also access services such as Yahoo Mail, an unlimited storage email service, Yahoo Messenger, an instant messaging programme, Yahoo Finance, a financial news outlet and Yahoo Answers, a discussion board. Sources say that almost 700 million people visit Yahoo per month.

Yahoo also runs a dating service, powered by The Yahoo headquarters are based in California, with it’s UK base in London. Yahoo claim that they are focused on making the daily habit of internet browsing more enjoyable and inspiring. They want to keep people connected to what matters to them by creating personalised homepages for their customers.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo offers a question and answer service that allows anyone with a Yahoo account to post a question online and then an internet community can either provide advice or solutions depending on the situation. You don’t have to post a question, you can simply search questions that have been asked before or just post responses.

When posting a question, you have to select a category for it to go in, so it is easier for others to find it and answer you quicker, as this could be an area they specialise in. Once you have got some responses to your query, you need to wait an hour and then you will be able to pick out which response answered your question best and mark it as the “Best Answer”.

If you are looking for a question to answer, you can search using the category list, which can be found on the left hand side of the page and there will be open questions that come under the topic you have chosen. Another option is to use the search box to look for questions that have certain words and phrases in them. You could benefit from being rewarded the “Best Answer” and gain extra points, particularly if you provide a helpful response or give the clearest explanation.

Yahoo Background

Yahoo was founded in 1994 by graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo. They created a website named “Jerry’s Guide To The Web”, a search engine service. Months after founding, the name was changed to Yahoo, and the company grew rapidly during the 90’s after its’ search engine service took off, creating a web portal with an email service.

Yahoo UK Office Address

Yahoo’s UK Office is Located at Level 5, 125 Shaftesbury Ave, London, WC2H 8AD


Yahoo and Google come together in Adsense partnership

October 28th 2015

Yahoo sites could soon be included in the Google search network, meaning Adwords could potentially reach a significantly larger audience. Good news for marketers.

So why would Google consider partnering with Yahoo when they’ve always been competitors? Comscore studies show that only 12.7% of US search queries go through Yahoo but interestingly, 6.8% of those spend more money online than searchers on Google.

Though the proposed deal between the two search engine giants does not specify just how much Yahoo traffic will show up, it does look like Yahoo is slowly backing out of its deal with Bing Ads.

At the moment, 51% of Yahoo search traffic is still being served by Bing, but if the deal goes through and both platforms are used in conjunction, it could have quite an impact on performance.

This being said, Google and yahoo did attempt a similar deal in 2008 but was denied it due to the Department of Justice anti-trust ruling. The same could happen again, but both parties are confident that the deal will go ahead.

Yahoo Plan To Produce Their Own TV Shows

April 9th 2014

Netflix and Amazon have seen enormous success with their own original programming. The former boasts the thrilling Kevin Spacey led political drama House Of Cards while the latter has the John Goodman starring comedy Alpha House. It was inevitable that other companies would eventually try to recreate their success, and one of them is Yahoo.

The internet company best known for its search engine has agreed to four comedy shows. They will be ten episodes long with a budget between $700,000 and $1 million per episode. Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer is hoping to acquire shows led by writers and directors who have experience in the television industry.

Netflix saw an enormous surge of around 2 million users in the fourth quarter of 2013 with the launch of House Of Cards’ second season. However, part of the success has been the fact that Netflix, along with its rivals Amazon, are making their content available to stream on consoles, blu ray players and set-top boxes. Yahoo have not yet outlined any plans to follow suit in this area.

Microsoft have also recently announced that they are to develop on-demand programming as well. They have been working on a science fiction series called Humans. Comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green have signed up for projects too.


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