Microsoft Xbox UK Contact Number

0843 658 0832

Reasons to Call The Xbox Contact Number For The UK

Here are some of the reasons a customer may wish to contact Microsoft UK regarding their Xbox console:

xbox contact number uk

  • To get technical support with your console
  • To set up or renew Xbox Live accounts
  • Contact Xbox to make a complaint to customer services

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm
Saturdays 9am to 8pm
Sundays 9am to 5pm

Call Microsoft UK’s Xbox Contact Number For Info About Products and Services

Xbox is a video gaming brand. It is developed by Microsoft and its product range includes a range of consoles, applications, streaming services and an online service, Xbox Live. For a full list of services, call the Xbox contact number UK.

The most recent console, the Xbox 360 was released in 2005, and has become the most popular console in the world, selling 77.2 million consoles. It has been announced that there will soon be a new console, the Xbox One, released. Xbox has an accessory, Kinect, that allows you to play a game using your body as the controller, as well as controlling the device with your voice to play films and other things. The current price of an Xbox 360 is £180 for a 2011 model. The Xbox contact number UK will be able to provide you with a full list of prices.

The online service, Xbox Live, means that you can play online with friends using a headset, and collect points which allow you to get rewards. Find out more about this by calling the Xbox customer service number on 0843 557 4327.

About Xbox

Microsoft announced its intention to create a gaming console in 2001, and the original Xbox console was launched that year. The sole intention was to compete with the Sony Playstation 2.It has since been discontinued. In 2013, Microsoft will launch a brand new console, the Xbox One, to yet again face off with its rival Sony, and their Playstation 4.

Xbox Demand On Black Friday Crushes Online Retailer
December 11th 2014

Online retailer 247 Electronics bit off more than they could chew with their Black Friday deal- offering an Xbox One with a game for just £269.99 and the same deal for a PlayStation 4 for £279.99.

The result was that avid bargain hunters scrambled to take advance of the deals, as Xbox One’s normally retail at £329 for just the console and a further £50+ for a game, and the company was not prepared for the surge of buyers- stocking just 400 units, to fulfil 3,000 orders.

After placing their orders, customers were starting to wonder where their consoles were and started to ring and email the company, who only had 4 members of staff to deal with the wave of communication – reaching 150 emails a minute and hundreds of calls a day.

The problem arose after the company found themselves unable to log into their administrators area of the site, meaning they couldn’t change stock levels or limit the amount of orders placed. By the time they could get access to this section, there had been payments processed for 3,000 orders, which staff knew they wouldn’t be able to fulfil.

The company have placed an order for 5,000 units, but they are not expected to arrive before Christmas. All customers who have placed orders have been offered refunds.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Won't Be Released On Xbox One Or PS4

April 11th 2014

Gearbox’s action game Borderlands 2 took the world a few years ago. However, despite the release of the next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One, the company have no plans to release the game’s ‘pre-sequel’ on these new platforms. Instead, it will only be getting a release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

The CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, said it is “a new fully standalone game. It is going to launch on the platforms that we know our customers have, so it is going to launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. There is no next-gen version of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.”

He continued: “It is not free to build a game for next-gen, right? So when you’re deciding on where you are going to spend your resources, I think we want to spend all of the attention we can on the game itself. If you try to imagine the set of Borderlands players that have already upgraded, that is not 100 per cent. But if you try to imagine the set of, say, an Xbox One owner or PlayStation 4 owner that does not have a PS3 or Xbox 360, the difference there is so close to nil.”

Borderlands 2 was a darkly comic shoot-and-loot action game in which you choose one of four characters to play. You must fight your way through a planet’s environment towards the villain Handsome Jack, upgrading your weapons along the way. The game was hailed as one of the best of the year by several gaming critics and publications. The ‘pre-sequel’ will see you play as Handsome Jack and follow his rise to power.

The game will be available to buy this autumn on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.


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