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If I Contact Customer Services For Wowcher, What Do I Get?

Wowcher is a ‘deal-a-day’ service that delivers fantastic one-off deals to your inbox on things to do, eat, see, buy and try in your nearest city. Wowcher customer services can help you with these offers if there is a problem with the code. This means your offer can be enjoyed with friends or alone, and include beauty treatments; clothing; attractions, events and days out; classes and clubs; gadgets and electronics; food & drink venues and more.

Wowcher not only helps you save money, but also helps to expose you to new things that you may not normally try; from thrill-seeking activities like sky-diving, to learning new skills such as cooking or a new language. The Wowcher website has a different page for each major UK city so that you are able to quickly find an exciting deal near you. Call Wowcher contact customer services for more information.

Background To Wowcher

Launched in 2009, Wowcher uses the power of ‘bulk-buying’ in order to offer its customers the latest deals. It originally operated within London before expanding to other major UK cities, including (but not limited to) Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Reading, Stoke-on-Trent, Preston, Cardiff, Ipswich, York and Bristol.

Daily Mail and General Trust sell Wowcher for a giant £29m to a private equity group

April 12th 2016

The group is merging the giant daily deals site with long-time rival Living Social, a US equivalent to the site, which is now venturing into the UK and Ireland. Daily Mail & General Trust still retain a 30% stake in the online company, but are however setting their sights on new ventures. The team are reportedly looking to buy the tech giant Yahoo, which has an estimated value of £27b. However, it’s yet to be reported what Daily Mail & General Trust have planned for the company if they do end up buying it. Perhaps another online news or magazine site?

The sale of Wowcher is hugely profitable for the team, despite the site not being on top of its game. Groupon currently heads the race of daily deals sites, reporting a giant 13% profit in revenue in the last year alone. Daily Mail & General Trust have reported a 16% increase overall in their online investments since the start of last year. Sites such as Mail Online, renowned for its “sidebar of shame” and its questionable news stories, are included in this figure. The online magazine by itself has gained £9m in revenue within the last year. However, print revenue for Daily Mail has seen an 11% decline since last year, that’s a giant £19m loss in newspaper and magazine sales for the company.
Hopefully the sale of Wowcher and the potential buy of Yahoo will turn a bigger profit for Daily Mail and General Trust in the next year.


Wowcher Offers Impressive Christmas Savings

December 5th 2014

It may be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most expensive too, with the amount of presents you have to buy, decorations that need sorting and that is before you’ve started on the food and wine. This is where Wowcher comes in, helping you cut back where you can, offering a range of savings that can help you have the most fantastic Christmas, without costing you the Earth.

At the minute, the money-saving site is offering deals of at least 30% off perfect presents such as designer watches, make up sets, tablet computers and perfumes as well as many other ideals gifts. In terms of decorations, there is a 3D LED sleigh with 2 reindeers that is £45 rather £94, a saving of 52%, that would be perfect for some outdoor decoration. Another Christmas deal includes 12 award-winning bottles of Prosecco at half price, costing just £69, rather than £139.16, and working out at just £5.75 a bottle.

As well as these Christmas saving deals, Wowcher also offers a range of deals for your local area, such as spa days, restaurant meals and hair cuts that could be well worth checking out in the run up to the big day.

Wowcher Might Find Rival In Poundland Creator's New Website

February 18th 2014

Wowcher has more or less dominated the daily deals market online for the last few years. The website and app is designed to give users daily offers on everything from food and wine to beauty and holidays. However, it could be facing off against an unexpected challenger soon: a new website from the man behind Poundland.

Steve Smith, who founded the super cheap retail line in 1990, is launching a new deals website that will focus entirely on Birmingham. It is named It aims to localise the concept of Wowcher which is only limited to a wide radius and is therefore crowded. He hopes to get local business involved and provide them an online portal to offer incentives, exclusives and money off their services.

Steve Smith said: “There are a lot of people in Birmingham city centre who haven’t been able to make the most of the internet, and Blues Deals is a central place for them to go. And everyone knows the football club.

“Someone like a mobile hairdresser or small independent shop – they might have a great deal to offer to people in the area, but they can’t spend thousands of pounds on a website. For example, if you are a hotel, you might have ten rooms available, so you can put them on the site to offer people a bargain.”

He added: “Nobody is just allowing people to put their own deals out there at the moment.”

The website is live now and already has deals from several local businesses. These include Velvet Music Rooms, who are offering a two course meal with wine or beer at a reduced price, and deals at the clothing store Bolongaro Trevor Birmingham. Only time will tell how much of a threat it poses against Wowcher.

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