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0345 301 4455

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Worldpay is a payment processing software company. It was established in 1989 as an electric payment system and it was originally called ‘Streamline’. The company has been working on and providing secure payments online as well as card terminals since the 1990’s. The Royal Bank of Scotland group bought the company in 2002 and merged merchant payment services to create RBS Worldpay. Worldpay now operates in more than 40 countries worldwide, with 120 currencies and more than 4 billion transactions all over the world. RBS sold Worldpay in 2009 to an acquisition company, they kept a 20% stake and the business decided to rename the company Worldpay, RBS then sold the 20% stake to the majority owners in 2013.

Worldpay Contact Numbers:

Worldpay Departments Opening Hours
Customer Services Monday to Sunday
24 hours a day
Login Monday to Sunday
24 hours a day
Benefits Card Monday to Sunday
24 hours a day
Careers Monday to Sunday
24 hours a day
Worldpay Zinc Monday to Sunday
24 hours a day
Complaints Monday to Sunday
24 hours a day

Worldpay Customer Services

You can get in touch with the Worldpay customer services team if you need to report a problem you’re having with your virtual or terminal payments, you need to report a problem with your face to face payments, you would like to sign up for an account and system as a new Worldpay customer, you would like to find out more about the services they offer, you are an investor and you would like to inquire about investing in Worldpay, you would like to know more about their card machines, you need to replace your Worldpay card machine, your card machine seems to be broken and you would like to know how you can get it fixed or you have some other questions to ask the customer services team.

Worldpay Login

With Worldpay, there isn’t just one login portal. They have different login portals for different roles in your company as well as if your a partner with Worldpay. Some of the different portals are: Business gateway account login, business manager, corporate gateway account login for TEST accounts, high capacity gateway account login, partner management system, partner portal UK, my business dashboard, corporate gateway account login and a few other portals.

Worldpay Benefits Card

Worldpay offers a benefits club for all its customers and once you are signed up as a customer you’re automatically added to the benefits scheme. The Worldpay benefits club helps you save money and offers a large collection of business benefits as well as personal rewards for you to enjoy. You can save 4% on groceries, you can save on cinema tickets, you can save 25% on Virgin experience days, you can save on gym memberships, 8% on the high street, 10% on refurbished tech, free mobile insurance and a monthly free hot drink from Caffe Nero. You also receive a free Google discovery pack and other online benefits for your business such as free SEO services and 500 free business cards.

Worldpay Careers

If you are interested in starting a career with Worldpay you can explore their careers website to find job openings and explore the different departments and jobs available at the company. Some of the departments in the company are customer services, finance, human resources, legal and compliance, product and marketing, sales and technology and engineering. Currently, Worldpay only has roles located in EMEA and Asia Pacific and North America, all of which you can view on the website. You can also view some facts about the work Worldpay do and view some of the companies figures such as Worldpay processes more than 40 billion transactions annually.

Worldpay Zinc

Worldpay Zinc is Worldpay’s payment options that allow you to use a mini chip and PIN keypad to take payments via your mobile phone. With the service you must buy a keypad and choose a price plan, the money from a customer will be in your bank account in 3-4 business days, you can take payments in person as well as over the phone. The machine and service are compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android Phones and Tablets all you need to do to access the service on your mobile device is download the Zinc app and apply for an online account.

Worldpay Complaints

The Worldpay complaints team can be contacted if you feel you need to make a formal complaint against Worldpay. If you feel the company has caused you to lose profit due to their services being down or a problem with the services/machine, you have has a bad experience with a member of their staff or you are just generally unhappy with the service you are receiving from the company you can file a complaint against the company.

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