Wiggle Contact Number

0843 178 4886

Wiggle is an online sports shop specialising in Bikes, swimming and running equipment. Is was originally established in 1920 as an independent bike shop called Butlers Cycles in Portsmouth, the founder of Wiggle, Mitch Dall, bought the shop in 1995 and continued as Butlers for 5 years, the name was then changed to Bike @ Butlers. In 1999, Wiggle began trading online in the back room of the Bike @ Butlers’ shop. They soon decided to move to a larger office in Portsmouth due to the fact the business was growing so steadily and they had expanded to stock more sports equipment. In 2009, Mitch Dall sold his shares and Wiggle set up a new office in London to cater for their IT department as well as new warehouses. If you want to contact Wiggle you can call the Wiggle Contact Number 0843 178 4886.

Wiggle Contact Numbers:

Wiggle Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 178 4886 7 days a week
6 am to 10 pm
Sales & Cancellations 0843 178 4887 7 days a week
6 am to 10 pm
Delivery & Returns 0843 178 4889 7 days a week
6 am to 10 pm
Warranty & Replacements 0843 178 4890 7 days a week
6 am to 10 pm
Careers 0843 178 4891 7 days a week
6 am to 10 pm
Complaints 0843 178 4892 7 days a week
6 am to 10 pm

Wiggle Customer Services – 0843 178 4886

You can get in touch with the customer services department if you’re struggling to log into your Wiggle account, you want to know if you can track your delivery, you don’t know how to order a product, you would like to know more about the buying guides, you want to know about the cycle services, you want to know more about the Events Wiggle run or you would like to know more about the company before you use their services. You can get in touch with the Wiggle customer services contact number on 0843 178 4886 a member of the team would be happy to walk you through any issues you’re having or answer any questions you may have.

Sales & Cancellations – 0843 178 4887

If you would like some help choosing a product or making a purchase you can call the Wiggle contact number on 0843 178 4887 to call the sales team and make a purchase over the phone. If you have made an online purchase and you have made a mistake or you need to cancel the order you can call the Wiggle contact number to speak to a member of the sales team who will be able to cancel the order and reorder if need be.

Delivery & Returns – 0843 178 4889

There are many delivery options available on the Wiggle website and you can look through all the options by checking out your items or looking and the UK or International delivery information pages. Some of the delivery options are standard delivery, priority 1st class delivery, collect plus delivery, next day delivery and free delivery. If you need to return a product or a gift you can call the Wiggle contact number on 0843 178 4889 to talk to a member of the team about how to return a product.

Warranty & Replacements – 0843 178 4890

There are multiple types of warranties available which you can explore and view on the Wiggle website. Warranties are important for expensive sports equipment as they may become damaged or broken and will cost a lot to replace yourself, warranties allow you to get our equipment fixed or replaced. To inquire about buying a warranty or to ask for a replacement or repair you can call the Wiggle warranty and replacement contact number on 0843 178 4890.

Wiggle Careers – 0843 178 4891

Wiggle employs over 350 people across the UK. If you are interested in working for Wiggles you can explore their job opportunities on the Wiggle website. You can work in IT, E-commerce, Retail or management and other departments. To find out if there are any availabilities in an area close to you as well as in a field you specialise in you can look at the website or call the careers helpline. To apply for a job online you can email Wiggle to express your interest and provide your CV, if you don’t hear back from Wiggle for 14 days after you submitted your application your application will not have been successful this time, you can reapply for a different job if you would like at any time. You can get in touch with the Wiggle careers contact number by calling 0843 178 4891.

Wiggle Complaints – 0843 178 4892

If you need to contact the Wiggle complaints team for whatever reason whether it is a broken product, unhelpful customer service, bad delivery or you have had another issue with Wiggle and you would like to speak to someone about it. You can get in touch with the Wiggle complaints team by calling the Wiggle complaints contact number 0843 178 4892 when you have filed your complaint you may be offered a discount or refund for your troubles.


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