Vodafone Customer Services Contact Number

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0808 040 8408

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Vodafone is a UK telecommunications company. It’s named originates from the words “Voice, Data and Fone” which the company chose as they believe it represents what they do as a business. The company was originally founded in 1982 as ‘Racal Vodafone’ as it was a subsidiary of Racal Electronics PLC and Millicom. In 1982 Racal-Millcom was the second mobile phone network to be licenced in the UK. 1985 saw the company launch as Racal-Vodafone and has offices in Berkshire.

Vodafone Contact Numbers:

Vodafone Departments Opening Hours
Customer Services 7 days a week,
8 am to 9 pm
 Products 7 days a week,
8 am to 9 pm
 Vodafone Business 7 days a week,
8 am to 9 pm
 Account Helpline 7 days a week,
8 am to 9 pm
 Upgrades 7 days a week,
8 am to 9 pm
Complaints 7 days a week,
8 am to 9 pm

Vodafone Customer Services

There are many reasons you may feel you need to contact the Vodafone customer services team such as if you would like to find out more about the services they offer, you would like to inquire about a billing problem, your payment details are wrong or you have had a payment problem, you would like to cancel your contract, you would like to find out about using your phone abroad, you need to report a lost or stolen device, you need a PAC code to unlock a phone or you have some other questions about Vodafone.

Vodafone Products

Vodafone offers a range of products such as mobiles, broadband and SIM’s. You can view all the available products on the Vodafone website. Their mobile phones are paid for monthly and you can choose whether you want to just pay for the phone monthly or if you would like to pay for a contract plan as well. Their SIM only deals come in 12 months, 30 days and pay as you go plans. With the 12 months and 30 days contracts, you choose how much data, calls and texts you have for the month. The pay as you go SIMs are free to order online. You can check your availability for the Vodafone broadband on the website as well as choose what bundle you would like, broadband contracts are paid monthly and usually last 12 or 18 months.

Vodafone Business

Vodafone offers services specifically for businesses such as broadband and landline as well as company phones. Vodafone offer services to small, medium and large businesses. They class businesses with 1-9 employees as small and 10-49 employees as medium. The services for these two classes are basically the same but all business plans are personalised to suit your business. If you have 50+ employees your business is classed as large and they have multiple different services specifically suited to the communication of large businesses that will help your company run efficiently. They also offer services to public sector businesses.

Vodafone Account Helpline

You can also get in touch with the Vodafone account helpline if some of your account information if wrong and you would like to change it or if your payment information needs to be updated. You can make a My Vodafone account on the website or by calling the helpline, you just need to enter some personal details and your account will be created.

Vodafone Upgrades

If you are already a Vodafone customer and you would like to upgrade your phone to a newer or different model you can get in touch with the Vodafone upgrades department. You can check online if you are eligible for an upgrade, you’re eligible if your contract has ended. To do this just log into your My Vodafone account and it will inform of how long there is left on your contract or if you can upgrade. Usually, you will not need to send your old phone back as you will have paid for it. If your contract is not up you can call the Vodafone upgrades team and they will be able to tell you how much it will cost for you to pay off the rest of your contract to get an upgrade.

Vodafone Complaints

You can get in touch with the Vodafone complaints team if you’re unhappy about any part of their services whether that be a member of their team was rude to you, your phone service is not working, you feel you’re being overcharged, you have experienced problems with your mobile or you are unhappy about another aspect of the business.

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