Vodafone Business Contact Phone Number

0843 596 3089

It can be useful to have all your employees using the same phone on the same tariff. We can transfer you to the Vodafone business contact number.Vodafone Business contact number

Reasons why you might call the Vodafone business phone number:

  • To find the right phone for your business needs.
  • To find the right tariff for your employees.
  • To get handset help, including repairing, restoring or unlocking your phone.

Vodafone Business Products and Services

Vodafone is a large telecommunications company.There are a range of benefits that come with having Vodafone as your network provider as business, including: the ability to talk and text with clients as much as you want, a shared tariff so you only get one bill, a landline number on your mobile so your customers can always reach you, plans for iPads and tablets so you can reply to emails and work on documents and One Net business which allows you to integrate your desk phone, mobile and voicemail all into one. With Vodafone Business, you can still get the latest phones such as the iPhone 5s so your employees can keep up with the rest of the world. Vodafone caters for small businesses, with 1-99 people or large ones in the public or corporate sector. If your business is online, Vodafone could provide you with an extra 4GB of data to use to your advantage.

About Vodafone

Vodafone operates networks in over 30 countries, with partner networks in an additional 40 countries, including Albania, Greece and Spain. The Global Enterprise division of Vodafone provides telecoms and IT services to businesses around the world. The brand was founded in 1991 as the successor to Racal Telecom.

UK Uncut Protesters Blockade National Vodafone Stores Causing Closures

June 16th, 2014

UK Uncut, who have in the past protested against cuts to public funding, took to the streets on Saturday in order to demonstrate against the mobile network Vodafone’s tax avoidance. The group organised a series of demonstrations outside high street stores across the United Kingdom over the weekend. It forced four of Vodafone’s shops to shut down, although the network claims it was only two.

UK Uncut targeted ten Vodafone stores across the country including Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and its flagship location on Oxford Street in London. It comes after the company admitted to paying “little to no corporation tax in the UK” despite making profits of £59.4 billion this year. The group protested against their tax avoidance in 2010 when it allegedly did not pay up to £6 billion.

A spokesperson for the HMRC says that the figure was never that high. They said: “We can’t comment on the details of the settlement but we can confirm that it was reached by HMRC following a rigorous examination of the facts. It was agreed that Vodafone’s liability was £1.25 billion and at no point was the liability greater than that. There is no question of Vodafone having a tax liability of £6 billion. That number is an urban myth.

But the £1.25 billion figure didn’t put many minds at rest. UK Uncut activist Emma Sanchez said: “We are sick of the government letting corporations like Vodafone dodge billions every year whilst millions of people are left without decent safe housing.”

A spokesperson for Vodafone said: “This was a pointless protest directed at the wrong target. We have never avoided any UK tax. Instead, we are investing massively in our UK network, more than £1 billion this year alone and creating hundreds of new UK jobs as every penny of our UK profit is invested back into our UK business.

“The protesters just don’t understand the facts and show no interest in listening to an explanation of the truth. Their attacks were ignorant, deeply unfair and completely undeserved.”

Vodafone Customer Outraged By £2670 Phone Bill For US Roaming Charges

May 12th, 2014

vodafone-customer-serviceTom Galanis, a small business owner, was on holiday in New York when his iPhone operating system froze. He wanted to get it working again as soon as possible and searched Apple’s forums for a solution to the problem. The best thing to do, it seemed, was to download the latest update of iOS7.

He said: “During dinner, I checked in on the download/install. It was happening alright, but at some point the Wi-Fi had disconnected and the connection had switched to my apparently still operational 3G signal. Two messages had appeared on my phone from Vodafone, partially alerting me to my impending doom.”

The first message alerted Mr. Galanis that he had spent £270 of mobile roaming charges. The second informed him that he had spent £495 of roaming charges. He quickly pulled the cable out of his phone. He decided to sort the problem out when the customer service team was available in Greenwich Mean Time. That morning, he was sent a text message that asked him to call Vodafone to avoid loss of service due to ‘unusual spending’ on his phone.

The total bill had come to £2670. The single data session had lasted no more than 20 minutes but totally 888.051MB. He was told by a Vodafone customer service operator that he would have to pay the charge as he was made aware of the data roaming charges abroad. Their prices are £5 for the first 5MB and £3 for every MB after that.

Mr. Galanis wrote a letter of complaint to Vodafone. He planned to them take it to an ombudsman to avoid paying the bill. He said: “How is it acceptable to offer any customer £2,670 of credit in this day and age, in such a short space of time, without even informing them. Hardly responsible lending, is it?”

Vodafone decided to waive the roaming charges as a ‘gesture of goodwill’.

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